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Fanfare Maestro please!

I have been wanting to shout this news from the rooftops since I found out - might've had a job getting up there mind you but the urge has been there! And today... TODAY I finally get to un-glue my lips and shout...

I, yes me, this person here - is a Gauche Alchemy design team member!!! (Excessive use of exclamation marks is indeed warranted in this case!!!!!!!!) Check here if you don't believe me! 'tis true I tell you!

Oh the endurance and patience my family have had to put up with since I found out. GA have no idea of the monster they have created. I have used this to officially declare myself an artiste. No, not just an artiste... a RECOGNISED artiste. Sadly another word has been tagged on to the front of that which I wont repeat but the guilty offenders will be punished at my leisure. I am now on the hunt for an appropriate beret and smock to paint spatter. I have demanded bowls of sour cola bottles and peanut M&M's to be placed around my work area along with ice cold Diet Cokes... these are yet to materialise but I'm sure they will. At some point. Even if I have to bliddy do it myself!

I may not have put across just how UBER excited I am. But I am. Just an iddy bit. I SO love Gauche Alchemy in all it's vintagey, retro, grungy, geeky, unique, individual gauchiness. I hope you can put up with my spouting chocolate covered words of joy for a good while yet.

Thanks for stopping by. You may leave the peanut M&M's in the bowl on your way out :)


  1. Wow ...Well done you ... no wonder you are excited ...what treat will you have to celebrate ...have you been saving syns lol xx

  2. WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Carmen ... Way to Go ... you artiste you ... I may not have put across just how uber excited I am for you in this message ... but trust me when I say ... the Happy Dance is occurring in Cambridge XXX

  3. YAY! This is the most wonderful news. So happy for you - over the moon actually.

    I know you're going to be amazing. Congratulations.

    My only small sadness is that I'm not there to work alongside you. Because you're super-cool.


  4. Congratulations indeed! I had a look at them on the link you created, cos I don't know them. Don't know how I don't know them, and I will be making sure I repeat my acquaintance soon. Go Carmen!!!!!

  5. Well Done You!!!!
    It's hardly a suprise that they want your lovely talents. I had not seen them either so glad to have found that link.
    Kandi x

  6. oooh I know an do klnwo when you add the e you have to so it naked? if youinsist ona amockl your just and Artist

    donation in the bowl,

    well done you.

    hippee yippeee



    take a bow


    ooohh your maj


  7. ooh i'm drunk - corrections ( in order! )

    you know if you add the 'e' you have to do it naked

    if you insist on a smock you are just an artist

    I need sleep....

  8. I'm one of those artists with something in front

    Unfortunately not an artist at all though- really wish I were more creative ... I have tried and tried but all I keep doing is making myself messy and looking stupid lol

    well done! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Whoooo - well done hunny! Excited, you? Nah I can see you're quite blase about the whole thing ;0/ ;0) A really well deserved position. x

  10. Yay! Very pleased for you. I love GA, they show so many wonderful techniques from lots of clever designers like yourself! Many congratulations, Nicky x

  11. Well done you. That is fantastic news. We all knew you were super talented anyway, so it is wonderful to hear you now have the recognition you deserve.

  12. rofl that really cheered me up thankyou. What a great read. Congratulations indeed are due and well and truely earned. *drags a giant sack of peanut M & M's towards the 'Leave M & M's here please' sign* lol

  13. Love the news Madame ARTISTE!!! Gauche and the world UNITE!!!!

  14. HeY HO Carmen!!! =) I so love your full of excitement and joy!! Congrats on being on the team...i cant wait to get the engines started!!!

    *drops M&Ms in the bowl =)*

  15. Congratulations and enjoy the limelight!

  16. YAY, yes, delight in being an artiste! I look forward to working with you!

  17. wow, well done you!!! Congratulations, look forward to seeing lots of new creations.

  18. Welcome to the team Carmen! You are an artiste! Looking forward to your creative inspiration! :)

  19. WELL DONE CARMEN!!! Congrats, your work is soooo excellant you really deserve this! I had not heard of them but will be checking them out now.
    *ping, ping, ping* (M&M's dropping in your bowl!)

  20. Fantastico!!!!! Well congratulations to you!!!!

    Did you get the peanut m&m's? No?

    I must've mis-thrown them - sorry - they tasted so nice...mmmmmm...

    x x

  21. Oh Well done you sorry no M&Ms :)

  22. Congratulations. That is so impressive. I am very proud of you. Create away honey and knock their socks off with your incredible talent!!

  23. sloppy seconds? your naked cast offs? I'm not THAT drunk...


    i'm cahsing Liz to get dates & rpices for October - I'll ask her to cnnect up to youe blog so we can have a three way ( ooh ) conversation...


    PS do you skype?

  24. Congratulations!!!! YAY!!!!!! Appalause and bouquets for the Artiste!!!! Loving your rider list - but where are the white bunnies and peeled grapes???

    Congrats again

    Jaqui x

  25. Standing on my head for only a second here declaring my happies for you Carmen. I've got at least one Peanut M&M's bag floating around here somewhere...need to find it and make something!

    P.S. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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