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Rocking My World Friday :)

It's Friday already! So that means it's time for...Again this week the PDSA has to come top of my list. They have done so much for Lucy our dog throughout the week. Unfortunately she had to be rushed back in last night because she was struggling to breathe. After an x-ray this morning they confirmed she's got advanced pneumonia. She's in a lot of pain but they've heavily sedated her so that at least she can get some sleep. We have to ring in the morning to see how she weathered the night. She's a fighter my girl - I'll give her that. The bill is now nearing 4 figures - the PDSA runs on donations and we have been leaving one each time we've had to go up this week and will be leaving a bigger one at the end of the month. Had we taken her to a normal vets there is absolutely no way we could have paid the bill... I don't know what would have happened. So I got very angry, so, SO angry when the receptionist told us (after the girls had made them 'thank you' cards) that it was a nice change and that quite often they got no donation or no donation and moaned at. I can't understand humans sometimes. So the PDSA really have rocked my world again this week and I'll be donating and buying pet food for them whenever I can from now on.

Also again, my friends. You have played a huge factor in my tenuous grip on sanity this week - a couple of times I've teetered and whether you know it or not you've caught my shirt tails and hauled me back to my senses... however odd they may be - I'm starting to kinda like being me. And for having you lot as mates, I will be forever grateful.

Talking of friends - the filthy bunch that lurk on Facebook... it started off so innocently. My wanting to provide my lovely chums with some proper crumpet to counterbalance all the Twilight boys malarkey that's around at the moment... and what happens? It descends into googling pictures of nekked Wolverine! I don't know. Very funny though.
Ooh I say! I may have to start reading comics.

Oh... one small thing. I may not have mentioned it being as I'm quite shy and all that... just in case I haven't told you... tiny little thing... I'm part of the GAUCHE ALCHEMY DESIGN TEAM!!!


*ahem* So now you know. That rocked my world that did I can tell you. So being the recognised artiste that I am now, I will have to start signing everything... except cheques... Still no materialisation of my demands from the entourage. No peanut M&M's, no sour cola bottles.... no ice cold Diet Cokes... if they weren't my family I'd sack them you know. Disgraceful. I even had to make dinner. Me. Sullying my artistic hands on menial tasks. If I hadn't been starverous I'd have laid down the law!

So once again I end this post smiling. It really is worth having a go at Virginia's feel good exercise - no matter how bad a week you think you've had there is always something you can pluck out that made you laugh or smile. If you fancy joining in, link up here.

Thank you as always for stopping by :)


  1. If you'll allow me to hang on to your shirt tails for a moment ... Yay!!! Well done Gauche lady! So pleased for you. [But we had you first ;)]

    I hope it continues to lighten your load this week. And I admire the way you've turned a rotten time into a learning experience for your girls too. Go you!

    Julie :D

  2. Blogger is driving me MAD!!!! I just wrote out a long comment only to have it disappear when I tried to send it....aaaarrrrggghhhh! Shortened version follows:

    1 - CONGRATULATIONSs on Gauche thing!
    2 - poor Lucy, I'm keeping everything crossed for her and sending lots of get well wishes. I hope you get good news tomorrow xx
    3 - the PDSA rock, unlike some of its human customers.

    Sending love and hugs, xxx

  3. nnooo not wolverine that's for losers

    he is ten times sexier in Swordfish...

    ohh having two big dogs we are insured so we pay first £100, but we always said we would not let our beloveds suffer, its a bastard being the one to make the call, but you must look into her eyes no matter how hard - she'll tell you if its time - Big hugs - tears in my keyboard...


  4. I love how you always managed to pull something positive out of your week! Hope Lucy is better tomorrow. Be strong.
    Sorry the peanut M&M's didn't arrive, can't imagine where they've got to, lol.

  5. Good rocking vibes here! Hope Lucy picks up soon x x

  6. love it!!!! i lurve beeen a lurker off of facebook baby!!!! hope it picks up for you hun!

  7. Aww! You aways surprise me when you say you are down, you leave such lovely positive messages for other people. Sending you lots of positive vibes right back at ya! Congrats again on the DT post yay! x

  8. I hope Lucy improoves ... she does sound a fighter. You are lucky with the pdsa ...up here you can only register one pet and it has to be registered when its not too old and is still well....I think there are other stipulations too. I remember when we lived in England and funds were low, taking a cat in and just leaving a donation after treatment.

  9. Woohoooo Hugh Photos again!

    Wolverine and his lovely Hu ghJackman ;)

    .....naked David Bowie next! Naked Bowie!!!!!!

    *gets too excited and needs to go and get herself a cup of tea*

    Love you, you wonderful girlie!

    Gail (the inititator of most of the FB dirtiness :( ) xxx

  10. Oh Gauche Gal! Wonderful news..I am thrilled for you - you're perfect for the job. And as for nekked HJ - you carry on gal, damn near rocked my saturday morning that did! Fingers crossed for Lucy.

  11. Ah bless you hun - thinking about Lucy and hope she's making positive progress - the PDSA are amazing aren't they!

    Loving your subtle comment about being part of the Gauche Alchemy team - I really had no idea LMAO! You so deserve it Carmen!

    I also loved your comment about actually starting to quite like yourself! I know how you feel I'm liking being me too at the moment even amongst my ranting days LOL!

    HOpe you have a good weekend! Off to town for a few things then theatre this afternoon off to see Alice and before you get excited I mean Alice in Wonderland - mind you Tramlines festival on in Sheffield so good ness knows if we'll be able to get there with ease!

  12. Sending sparkles and hugs for Lucy. Max says "Woof,woof".
    Congrats on the Gauche design team - WTG.
    Many, many thanks for the naked HJ - swoon - put a smile on my face!
    You rock girl!
    Sue xx

  13. p.s. The ironing is hidden away in a cupboard - I don't do it very often but there is loads more room on the wobble pile!

  14. Cool Carmen - being a part of GAUCHE ALCHEMY DESIGN TEAM :)
    Yes I am making the sweater (photo on my blog) for a little friend of mine, he lives in Canada and my DD is his and his sister Au-Pair this summer. These sweaters that are made with this wool are very warm and cozy:)

  15. Congrats!!! I am so excited to be working with you and inspired by your unique way of looking at things! So sorry to hear about poor Lucy - I'm sending positive bow wow vibes to hopefully make her a little stronger.
    Congrats again!!!!!

  16. I hope Lucy is feeling better!!!! I hope you have a great week this week with lots of "Gauche" thrown in. lol

  17. Hope your doggie is feeling better soon. Wee shame! Congrats again of your Artistic Recognition. And last but definately not least a HUGE thankyou for the yummy Mr Jackman pics..... drool!!

    Jaqui x

  18. Dear Nekked Artiste : here's the low down: first piccie - is a daylight accurate photo of my painting taken with my Nikon D80 (important to get a good image as the lazertran is totally unforgiving - your picture needs to be perfect or you will hate the transfer- sized in photoshop with no loss of pixels BUT I choose to do no photoshopping to alter the image itself (although you could if you wanted to), printed on Lazertran inkjet transfer eggshell by my (over my dead body can anyone touch it) epson photo R800 at draft quality (less ink) -

    my decals with doodad often sell at almost the same price as original paintings cos I sell cheap anyway and the turps transfers onto wood cost as much to produce as a painting -

    let the ink dry on the transfer paper (the ink is drying into the medium....(overnight strictly speaking)


    have your wood ready - brush enough, but not too much, REAL turps over the wood (you will make mistakes here - expensive ones)- if you can't afford to make mistakes then wait till I see you in October & I'll bring a mini kit with me so you can see the amounts to use and see the problems you get if you use too much or too little...float the decal off the backing paper - let the transfer dry (I don't let it dry fully - lay the transfer medium with the ink image over the turps prepped wood - make sure no bubbles/wrinkles - leave to dry 48 - 56 hours

    varnish/glaze the transfer - the inks are taken into the wood by the turpentine - but the image is fragile until totally dry and even then needs protecting - I like to distress a little so that the decals are not ever just a copy from one of my paintings - but a different way to produce a piece of work using different media.

    If you do Piety and Passion Suzi does a decal class - but to be honest i've not viewed that one yet as I worked from what I already knew and took inspiration from the lazertran site.

    'no fear' was my red Goddess from goddess and poet (Suzi Blu teaches a Blue Mary) i'm afraid I'm a red donna...! But i did do blue for the second image which was from a 3/4 profile I sketched and then decided I just adore it - she/he is unfathomable - I have an enlargement of it as a cropped face just printed onto matte a4 photo paper and I often just sit and look at that face - for me I can see all the wise things I ever learnt in this face...but I can see the pain....but the face is beautiful and I love the peace full ness I feel when I look at it...

    Now please arrange for the towel to drop on HJ on facebook please...tell me you have seen swordfish - I truly wish I were a swordfish virgin so I could experience it for the first time again - the man is not human....he's a sex god....


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