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Rocking My World Friday :)

It's been hard to think of some positives this week - for the most part we've all been sick with worry about the oldest four legged member of our family. Lucy was taken ill Wednesday afternoon when she started shaking and violently being sick. Through the night she became progressively worse and by Thursday was struggling even to breathe let alone be sick. She was drooling foam and just generally out of it. Craig and I were secretly thinking the worst.

The brilliant, amazing PDSA got her in on an emergency appointment Thursday afternoon and told us they thought it could be a combination of a tumour and pneumonia. Just the word 'tumour' had me breaking down and having to leave the centre through a crowded waiting room cuddling the yellow blanket we had carried her in with. Everyone must have thought she'd gone but I didn't really care by that point what they thought - believe me I don't ever publicly show my emotions. The last midwife I had when I was in labour told me to my face just to scream as I must surely be doing on the inside (boy was she right!) But I didn't. Grit my teeth and get on with it is what I did. I didn't cry at my own Mum's funeral - it all happens behind closed doors, It's like a shutter comes down that most probably makes me look like a hard faced mare to the rest of the world... so I think even Craig was surprised when I lost it.However today the news is a little better, they are keeping her in over the weekend. She is still dosed up on painkillers and anti-biotics. They still don't know what happened just that her symptoms all fit with her having ingested toxins. How that has happened I don't know - having 3 kids we are hot on things like bleach being out of the way. I am trying not to think that someone could have thrown something over the fence... but have warned my neighbours who also have a dog just in case. So I think - the PDSA must surely be one of my number one World Rocking things this week. Definitely.

I say this every week but my friends really rock my world every week. Most of you are to far away for me to give thank you hugs, most of you don't even know that you've helped me this week, not just this week in fact, but you have, even just reading your blog posts about amusing ways you've hurt yourself, offering me threesomes with Florence of Florence & The Machine (Um... if she's up for it too maybe we can talk!) Letting me waffle about nothing on Facebook... I think in a way the past couple of weeks Facebook rocks my world too. I didn't really get it for the longest time but have been able to catch up with my sister who works the oddest shifts this week, my other sister who my email is ignoring for some reason managed to contact me through there - I had the oddest and yet funniest conversation about Ewok balls with Gail and Virginia's brother John... all of it lifts my spirits and makes me laugh proper belly laughs! So thank you everyone ;)

Talking of Gail, she seems so in tune with me lately it's kind of spooky. I received this jiffy this week - what my postie thinks of all these weirdly addressed envelopes I don't know but I'm loving them and they don't half swell my head *g*Inside was this gorgeous little bee hanging, he is telling me to Bee Happy dontcha know, the keyring, again made me laugh and had my Dad look at me a bit oddly. Reminder for next time - don't open unexpected mail in front of my Dad... especially don't tell him it's from my 'should I ever go gay' back up laydeeee! The card contains the most beautiful letter, no I'm not sharing but Gail you are the most amazing person I have ever been fortunate enough to 'meet'. Can't wait to meet up properly soon.

And lastly. OK this one may sound a bit weird. Sometimes I am easily impressed and definitely easily amazed... what's Rocking My World this week. I can drive! Not only can I drive but I believe I am pretty crash hot at it... most of the time. My reversing is brilliant and my little Rover 25 has this fantastic turbo button that just flings you right back in your seat and you literally fly! There's this little stretch of road near us that goes from 30mph to 60mph quite suddenly. I'm a bit of a stickler that in 30mph zones - I drive at 30mph. Well it is the law but it also amuses me all the new words I learn from lip reading the fist shaking people in the cars that are practically humping my boot behind me. However the moment that hits 60mph and then on to the motorway, that turbo button gets pushed and the look on their faces as they eat my dust. Aaaah well you just can't buy that! 

Craig just informed me this pic is not a Rover 25... Hey, it's a Rover and it's the same colour green as mine so ner, ner, ner, ner!

I am the least co-ordinated person you will ever meet - I don't dance for that very reason. I am also one of the most accident prone people you will ever meet... I am now banned from touching both ours and my Dad's hoover...well, anything electrical of my Dads at all really. So the fact that I can manouver this big hunk of metal, not just in an OK fashion but... yes, I am pretty damn brilliant at it... well that rocks my world. I love driving, REALLY love driving. The best part of our trip to Scotland every other year is the 12 hour drive up there and the 12 hour drive back. Now I love Scotland with a passion and do consider myself more Scottish than English I pine when I am away from Scotland so for me to say the best part of the holiday is the drive... that's a major thing. I don't know what's made me more aware of this awesome magical ability that I CAN DRIVE this week, but something has, I think it might have been the motorcycle that was egging me on to race him yesterday. Silly boy. Nice bike though. What I'm most amazed about is that everyone else is not equally amazed that they can do it too. Why do people get so angry when they drive? It's such a fabulous thing to be able to do.

So what's Rocking Your World this week? See I'm smiling now having typed this up, go on think of all the positives in your week and then link up with Virginia so we can all be happy with you :)

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  1. Sorry.... not too well at the moment....are you saying I offered you a threesome with Florence?

    I must have been delerious I tells you! :P


    Mmmmmwah get some lovely rest and plenty of syn-free cheesecake over the weekend!

    Gaily x

  2. Actually I think you were dumping me for Florence but I decided to muscle in on the action :D :D :D

  3. I'm sorry you have had a crappy time, so glad poochie is on the mend, it's an awful worry.
    I love your gifts, I have a thing for bees and the keyring made me smile too I want a t-shirt with that on!
    I am impressed with the driving I passed my test at 17 and have been driving for almost 20 years and I love it too, the world opens up to you. Hope next week brings better things for you.
    Kandi x

  4. I am so sorry to hear that your Lucy is ill. I hope she recovers quickly and without any complications. I know how difficult this time must be for you. It nearly broke my heart watching my Piper suffer. I will be thinking of you. Sending you hugs and best wishes.

  5. Pooooor Lucy, I'm so pleased to hear she is on the mend. 3 cheers for the PDSA!!! I love that photo of her asleep on your daughter, so sweet. Great list today Carmen, enjoy your weekend. x

  6. Awww! This post definately warrants a giant 'Awww' rating. Glad you were able to turn your mood around and that little Lucy is on the mend.

    Thanks for your kind comments (again) on my blog, appreciate them. x

  7. I love your posts. Glad you've had some better news to finish off with! I wish I loved driving - I hate it - I think I started too late and never really gained the confidence - I haven't driven now for about 12 years. I envy you. Can also see you racing the boy on the motorbike! Have a great weekend.

  8. Carmen I'm smiling too - I've missed you back up gay laydee postings but tickled me all the same - caught the Ewok posting which made me LMAO - not literally for that would be far too easy to get rid of my enormous rear but just for the fun of it! You also had me giggling over my accent - yes i'm a Yorkshire lass and sometimes I try and posh it up but deep down we talk like that - although I'm still amazed at how deep my voice is sometimes! I too giggle at how irate everyone gets with driving lets be honest if they wanted to be there that quick they should have set off earlier - unfortunately my micra has no turbo button although I do get frustrated in that people think it can't do forty and love pulling out on me on a forty road thinking i won't catch them up - I mean derrr but forty is forty irrelevant of the car right! Anyway off for a quick blog hop before collecting niece from party - favour to sister - hopefully she'll reciprocate.

  9. Good to read at the end that your dawgie is on the mend. Ha ha! I love driving too and I love it when people tailgate me cos I've got an old Volvo, I drop a gear and spew black deisel smoke all over 'em! I know, I'm naughty but it sure does feel good. If yer in a convertable, yer a target for the old bat in her red Volvo (or Ovlovs as bikers call them), moral: stay away!

  10. Poor Lucy! The first half of this post had me in tears as the thought of your precious pet being so sick is just awful. I'm glad she's improving. Love the picture of her napping with your little one. Adorable.

    What's rocking my world this week? My boys have a landscaping job and they're working really hard. I'm proud of them.

  11. So sorry to hear about your four legged family member. Hoping she's going to be home and running around like mad real soon.

    I guess I would have to say that my back feeling better and the great art supplies I got are rocking my world this week, but I have to tell you, I hate driving! Any time you want to hop on over to the states and become my chauffer, I'll be ready! lol

  12. Glad that your dogs getting better. How worrying for you sending you loads of ((((((hugs)))))) xx

  13. Sorry about your poochie - hope she makes a full recovery soon. LMAO at the gay laydee comment!! xx

  14. sorry your poochie is poorly & hope she recovers quickly :)

  15. Hoe pooch is all better soon! and even if you are having a crap week your blog did make me smile :)

  16. Hey Carmen, glad your Lucy is on the mend...I'm not a pet person myself - I was bitten by a dog as a little girl and - well I don't think I've ever gotten over it :( but I do appreciate the love and friendship pets and owners have :)I love the drawing - did you do that? amazing!
    you tell a great story and I love reading your posts! x x

  17. So sorry tohear about Lucy ...I think we animal people feel that they are a baby that cant speak for them selves so it hurts to see them in pain. I think it is a good thino to waen meighbours with pets ....there have been incidents up here when people have a vendeta or youngsters who think its 'fun' sick.Glad shes on the mend.That sleeping shot is sooooo cute xx

  18. hiya hun, I think you may have missed it but you won the birdhouse raffle on my blog :D
    email me your addy hun -
    J xx

  19. I am so sorry that there is no more improvement heart goes out to you. What does the vet say ? I expect you just have to wait and see xxxxxxxxxx

  20. Thinking of you Sending my luv xxxx
    Pop along and email me if you ever need a chat. I never used to cry in public but now i've met Debbie shes so soft it makes me cry if I hear bad news around her ! just the sight of her quivering face sets me off ...luv you too debbie :)

  21. Hope things are better today. I love the photo & the drawing of the dog xxxx
    You should share your work on Fiskarettes more often we'ld love to see more x

  22. Hope Lucy gets better soon, that must have been so worrying. I never understood the bond between owner and pet until we got Willow cause I never had any pets in my childhood. Now Willow follows me everywhere, is always by side and just a little snuggle with her on the sofa makes me feel so much better if im blue! I don't know what I would do without her! I love the photo of your daughter with Lucy laying on top of her, really sweet x

  23. OMG Carmin THANK YOU for posting the link to Doone's blog. I'm sitting at my desk giggling like a maniac (if my boss fires me I'm telling OH it was your fault and coming to live with you)
    Jaqui x


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