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R.I.P Circle Journal

...that's ROCK In Peace ;) A friend, Marie, messaged me on Facebook about a circle journal she was setting up on UKS to commemorate rockers no longer with us, would I be interested? Um, let me think...HYUH!

So if you are involved in this journal in any way and want a surprise, look away, look away now.

I decided to have a go at an altered book as the basis for my circle journal. A few days into prepping it and painting and ripping and splodging, generally getting messy and tralala-ing away to my hearts content...something made me check the criteria page again. Books were to be 6"x6"... Oh. Hmm. Mine was A4. Oops.So a couple of days later. A 'new' book freshly rescued from the charity shop and off we go cutting and slashing and splodging and tralala-ing again.

The cover still worked out bigger - I think it was 8x8 or something like that but my pages inside were near enough the right size, I made them a little bit longer than 6" so I've got something to bind to when it all comes home.
My intro page and CD page - the heart on the ribbon pulls out to reveal my CD playlist. Each CJ will contain a CD and playlist to do with each persons specific theme.
Roy Orbison is my rocker because I firmly believe that listening to his music when growing up had a real influence on the music I love now. You can really hear it in the likes of Chris Isaak and Jace Everett. And yes, I was banned, BANNED from doing my CJ about Alice because of the small technicality that he's still alive. Pfft! So he does feature quite a lot on my CD... yep it's very easy to go from Roy Orbison to Alice in a few quick steps.I decided to do a book of rememberance as my sign in pages at the back...I've sent all the original cardboard pages that were in the book and have chopped up the paper pages from the *ahem* first book that was slightly to big. I'm hoping this way people can make their entries as big, small, thick or thin as they like ;)So my baby has started it's journey and I've received the next one in the chain. This CJ has already been so much fun... and OK I will admit a little stressful because my own daftness had me running late from the get go. But it's had such an influence already. I've been playing my music so much more, I've already discovered some 'new' music from the book I've just received which has set me off googling and You-Tubing other artists. Can't wait to see what my book looks like when it comes home.

Thanks for stopping by, be sure to check back in... oooh, lets say, a years time to see my finished book return home :)


  1. Looks fab carmen, I love the technique on the front page. You get involved with so many interesting projects!!!

  2. OMG that's awesome..I could never *never* do anything like that! You're so fab! xxxxxxx

    I love Roy Orbison too but... can't say I ever made the jump from him to Alice.... where's my cd so i can start? :P

    Love ya!

    Gail xxx

  3. I think its looking great! I reckon Carmen would have found a connection to Alice, whoever was on the page! Am I right Carmen? :-P

    Thanks for all your recent comments on my blog by the way. Doodle do! :-)

    qs xx

  4. Carmen I couldn't help it no matter how big a surprise I wanted to see I just couldn't help book looks - I'm so excited to see another in the system and can't wait to get my hands on the papers and card etc - mine was the correct dimensions (roughly) but wait til you see the depth of the thing - it's huge! I never realised - woops but i sent it on it's way anyway, I've just finished the entry for the other circle journal I'm doing so I can now plough on with the first one I've received which is gorgeous and really sent me off on a magical musical tour!

    Hope you're having a grand day

  5. Oooh looks very interesting - glad my less creative blog gave you a laugh...

    don't forget to mail me the address for the sock _ i intend posting the others tomorrow - also ( and jus ta thought) I am in Kent for a week in October and Liz & I will be booking into a Pickleberry Papercraft class or two - fancy joining us? promise I'll be accident free (huh) - no worries if not bu tif so I'll try to extract dates from Liz...


  6. Aren't you just about the coolest person I know. I agree with the above commenter who says you get involved in the most interesting projects.

    Love how you made your book and the cover is so neat!

    What an awesome theme for a circle journal - my page would have to be Kurt Cobain or Biggie Smalls.

  7. That is so cool! You always find the most fun projects to be involved with!

  8. Oh I think you can definitely make the jump fom Roy to Alice - they have the same colour hair don't they??? It's fabby Carmen - just fabby - it'll be a true treasure when it comes back to you! x x

  9. Oh nice ... love grungy stuff

  10. Wow another totally amazing project by you and so unique good luck with the journey!

  11. WOW are doing some fantastic creations at the moment ....that cover is Awesome it and the pages are well ... breathtaking.
    I think the more weight you loose the more inspired you are a little a balance thingy lol
    The little boys that are with us are going home soon and so maybe my mojo will return ...cant believe we have had them for 4 months ...will miss them but I need my home back. Hopefully the mum will not screw things up (again) and be ready to have them returned...they so miss her....but I worry about the ?autistic one.

  12. You bind your book by yourself? and then you send it around and get it back sometime with a lot of journal pages in it? Do I understand that right????? What a cool idea!
    Your poor doggy, how is she feeling today poor thing?
    Yeah I did jump in to another journal challenge - kind of looking forward really.
    love xxx

  13. What a great idea!!! LOVE how this journal looks! I also bind my own books, it's so cool to have it all done by yourself isn't it?!


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