Rocking My World Friday :)

At the time of starting to type it is still technically Friday. I've sat down so many times today to do this and now here I am at 10 to midnight actually here and thinking about what was good about my week. That's what I love about Virginia's Friday reflection. No matter what crappy things may be happening at the moment it makes you focus on the positives, I love her for making me do that.

What Rocked My world This Week?

I woke up.
Number one I'm stealing from you Virginia. I love that you are thankful for it every week - and so am I. I woke up this morning. Surrounded by people that love me and that I love back. We can put food on our table and clothes on our backs. We are all reasonably healthy people and we have a lot of fun together with not many pennies. We are rich in the ways that matter. And I don't care what anyone who is crying poverty at the moment says. If you have that - you have enough. I hate these news reports with people bemoaning their lot in the recession. Yet more often than not they are dripping in gold and living in show homes with massive tellies... Poor? Sell your stuff and get your priorities right more like! Sorry, mini rant!

Last week when Devon came home from school she presented me with this wall hanging. It was her first go at Batik in her textiles class. I love it - I think the cat looks like it's underwater or maybe staring into a fish tank :P
This was the card she made Craig for his birthday this week. I love that my girls are as crafty as their daft Mum!

Blasts from the Past
This post on Anne's blog reminded me of the Tree House I used to have when I was little. It set me off on a Google journey and I ended up on eBay with my finger hovering over the 'buy' button. I resisted - blimey but the stuff we had as children sells for a lot! The Palitoy tree house is one of those ones I can remember getting hours of fun out of. I loved it and can remember someone always falling down the lift shaft - the amount of times my Dad had to get his screwdriver out to launch a rescue mission! My favourite one was always the little girl. when I wasn't playing with the set she would sit on my desk while the rest was put away in the tree. I vaguely remember using the dog kennel as my 'secret' hiding place and feeling oh so smug at being able to hide my little treasures in there. I'm contemplating saving up and getting one as Ruby's main Christmas present this year. Of course Mummy would have to set it up and test it out - make sure all the parts were working... maybe store it on her shelves... what?? WHAT??

What's been Rocking Your World this week? Be sure to go and link up with Virginia if you take part :) Thanks as always for stopping by!

p.s - OK so now it is definitely Saturday morning! Ooops.


  1. I think that Batik is brilliant ... the cat could be being viewed through the eyes of a gold fish in a bowl lol.
    I know what you mean about seeing people bemoan their lack of money while they are dressed so expensively or are sitting in a room you would die for....roof over head clothes on back .... food on table are the things we have to afford ...if one cant ...only then is one struggling to survive and ones head is definately not above water.

    I'll get off the soap box now will I xx

  2. love the batik work, it looks like lion of fireman sam (hmmmmmm i get stuck watching that far to much) you have past your talent on i see!!!! love the tree house to, i remember one at nursery so cool!!! i agree you ooppps i meen Ruby need one and testing is important, Alfie is gettting the leg duplo firestation for his birthday and that sure needs a good test by me!

  3. I'm with Angie - that Batik is fab..can sooo see that cat gazing through the and seaweedy things floating buy unconcerned! And so's the Pigeon too - fab piece of art. What rocked my world this week? Still reeling from WOYWW - every time I think of it, I smile. And that's on top of the million other things that bless me. Great post.

  4. Those creations of your childrens are fantastic!
    That tree house totally took me back - I had one too! My favourite was the puppy, he came to school with me in my pocket. Thanks for the quick trip back in time!
    Kandi x

  5. Love your rocking your world Carmen, in particular the gorgeous batik work and the blast from the past in the form of the tree house! Much fun! Hope you're having a good Saturday

  6. Love the batik and the card, very talented child! I had one of those tree houses, definately a blast from the to search ebay now for more childhood toys..want to find the play doh barbershop..hours of fun!

  7. Hi Carmen, your Rockin' World is phenomenal! I love the groovy batik and Devon is such a cool name. She has an arty heart for sure. The playhouse - I remember, but it was my daughter's not mine.... more's the pity. Have a great weekend. Hope you got a lie in this morning! Penny x

  8. Lovin' your thinking this 'just-about-Friday'. Gorgeous artwork from Devon, obviously got her Mum's genes. And how right are you about the designer labelled poverty pleaders?! Well said. x

  9. I really enjoyed this post Carmen. Totally agree with your mini-rant, so rant away if you are going to talk that much sense!!

    Very, very cool batik. And I'd kind of like a tree house too.

  10. The Batik art is FAB - well done Devon! Love your RW this week - rant included! (totally agree BTW) x x

  11. What a wonderful list! I just love that wall hanging, she is already so talented!

  12. Hi Carmen,
    I was thinking of doing an art journal for boot camp but I have never done one before! I dont have any masks, gesso (not 100% sure what this even is!)so might just be a book of painting, doodles and drawings! I will wait and see what sort of prompts they are I think! Looking forward to seeing what you create!

  13. Thanks for your email. I have replied to you :-)
    A x

  14. Thank you for your lovely comments Carmen, they mean a lot especially when you dont know if you are doing it right!! So come on what have you created for CBC, Im dying to see!

  15. OMG!!! The tree house was one of my most favourite toys ever. I used to take mine everywhere with me. Oh how I wish I still owned it. This post has brought back so many happy memories for me.

  16. I had that tree house too! LOVED it! Played with it forever :)


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