Rocking Friday & Creativity Boot Camp Day 4

Day Four: Word Prompt ~ Heavy Metal.
Didn't even have to think about this one. Well what else was I going to do? Don't pretend you're surprised.

I like to start off sketching in pen...Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper in biro penAnd then I filled in with mLyra Watercolour Crayons. I'm quite chuffed actually, I know he's not perfect but it's the first proper "painting" I've done in years. A good start to my sketchbook and hopefully I'll be seeing improvements as I go through the book. I quite like him I must admit.Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper in Watercolour crayons

Friday again already and that means one thing! What's Rocking Your World Friday. Doesn't seem possible that another week has flown by. What's been the highlights of my week this week?

Well the main one has been the Creativity Boot Camp. I must admit I still haven't done much (any) of the journalling side but that's not to say I have disregarded that bit of it completely. It has got me thinking and pondering about things. I've been talking with Craig and we've been having some really good discussions about all the issues raised. I've decided that even if I don't complete all the journalling exercises physically on paper, the reflection and talk it's brought about can only be a good thing.

I'm running two days behind on the word prompts at the moment but am I bothered? No, not a jot. I'm enjoying the process, and damn am I rusty with the paints but loving rediscovering them again, blowing off the old cobwebs. I will definitely keep up the daily half hour to an hour of 'me' time at the end of the day - even if it means propping myself up at the desk and getting the paints out at 11pm. I'll do it.

The girls asked me what I was doing yesterday and now they've decided to play along too. I'll see if I can get them to post their progress. Devon has decided on sketching as her medium - Phoebe is undecided - Ruby just wants to lob paint. And why not eh?

Cooler weather - oh yes I'm thankful for the cooler weather though it is a double edged sword. I hate the sun, the heat, getting hot and everything that you are supposed to love about Summer. I don't want a tan - I love the pale and interesting look but am cursed with having one of those complexions where I only have to blink at the sun and I'm brown. I love the cooler seasons of Spring and Autumn. Perfect weather and gorgeous colours. However the cooler temperament plays havoc with my back so although I am happier that it's not so hot - I have also been doing my old lady hobbling around this week. Craig wants me to go to the Doctor but honestly, what can he do? I know what it is, I know what causes it, I don't want to be taking painkillers all the time so it's a waste of an appointment really. But I am enjoying the cool breeze today even if it's come with torrential rain.

Slimming World - 10 weeks in and I am still loving it. I really feel like I am re-educating myself in the way I think about food. Before, it was everything in my life. No matter what the occasion - sadness, happiness, boredom, frustration, anger - food was always what helped, made me feel better, was part of celebrating. Now, it's still a major part of my life but for all the right reasons. It will never be just sustenance to me as I love it to much. I love preparing it, I love eating it, I love the social side of eating out... but now I'm making the right decisions. Get this - I am learning moderation! *gasp* I'm learning that I CAN have my cake and eat it too - just not the whole cake! A slice is just as nice. Silly really because it feels like I'm uncovering an internal switch that 'normal' people must have. You know that one that says 'hey, you're actually full you know, you can stop eating now'. Who knew that was there?

What's Rocking Your World this week? Be sure to drop by Virginia's and link up so we can all see :)

Thanks as always for stopping by!


  1. Wow - I love your picture, it is fabulous. You are so clever.

  2. Wish I could draw, you clever thing!

    As thought provoking a post as ever Carmen.

  3. Great post are rocking your own world.

  4. Wow! What a likeness, Alice to a "t" Well done you on all fronts.

  5. Your picture is amazing.
    Can I quickly check what age child I am sewing for? It's it OK if I put buttons down the front? It's looking good so far :-)
    A x

  6. Fantastic picture - and your world is really rocking this week! x

  7. Love you post, love the sketch it's fantastic! I have fallen by the way side on the creativity bootcamp but think i'll be picking it up - just at my own pace! Love the things that are rocking your world - all beautiful things and love the idea of lobbing paint! I'm currently moving things around the universe for the sheer hell of it - whilst trying to fit in 3 miles on my glider then need a shower all before I go and collect said 9 year old LOL!

  8. Woah I wish I could draw half as well as that


    Great pic, you talented gal! xxxxxxxxx

    As for SW glad you're still liking it.. I'm getting rather peeved with it all myself hehe


  9. Holy crap Carmen, that painting is awesome!!! Classic Disney cartoons, that's what's rockin' my world at the moment. :D

  10. This prompt was made for you, huh? :-) I saw your pic on the boot camp blog (I think my pic was uploaded next to it!) - didn't realise at the time that it was yours, so it was lovely to drop by here and recognise your work! xx

  11. Fab post Carmen and that sketch is awesome - clever you!

  12. Love that! You are very talented! And you always give me the greatest links! If I haven't already done so I would love to thank you for pointing me to the creativity boot camp. I'm having so much fun and loving every minute of it!

    I checked out the youtube link and started looking around. This guy cracks me up. He's extremely talented but funny if you really listen while you watch.

  13. Great picture, great list of gratefuls! Well done for sticking to your 30 mins me time each day, it's really worth it isn't it? I'm trying to create something everyday, even if it's only an inchie! Enjoy your weekend, it's going to be cool so you should be happy! x

  14. Wow! Loving that picture of Alice!
    Great thoughts too..I so empathise with you on food...I did weightwatchers online and lost 2 stone and guess what ..I've put a stone back on..don't have a "full" switch and have been indulging myself 'cos I haven't felt well. No more! I'll take my lead from you.
    Great that you're getting your 30 mins of "me time" too.
    Hugs and sparkles,
    Sue xx

  15. That really is a fabulous picture ... Is it Alice Cooper???? I had no idea that you liked him :0) I LOVE reading about what rocks your week Carmen X

  16. Wow Wow Wow! Great painting of Alice, you have really captured the likeness.You dont seem rusty at all to me! I am really enjoying CBC but must admit to also neglecting the journaling the last couple of days, for me its a way back into drawing and painting and finding my creativity again. BTW I love that Jamie Oliver sketch book too, its beautiful!!

  17. Nice to meet you Carmen! Loving the Alice drawing! yep Heavy Metal theamed anything for me would not be a problem either!!! Your mum sounded a fab lady & knew how to be creative & see the potential in things!! Skip diving! Sounds brill, my skip desk came from my partners ex workplace, they were having a clear out & chucked loads of stuff, so he just retrived it for recycling!! Great eh! Love your blog lots of great art going on here! be back soon!

  18. I think you´re save Carmen, you are doing amazing work. This is something one can hardly do in a day so .............. just post when you finish and I´ll come and say your doing great LOL. (thanks for stoping by on my blog all the time - it´s so nice to have a comment )

  19. As ever an AMAZING painting of Alice!!! you're such a clever stick!!! :) thanks for your lovely comments about the cards. the monkey is from the everyday dolls Cricut cart. I'll cut you some if you want? it won't take a minute and i can pop them in the post to you this week. what colours?

  20. Thank you for stopping by...Such a good likeness...

  21. Fabulous drawing and brilliant RYWF too!

  22. Brilliant drawing of Alice Cooper. I'm sure he would love it. I was lucky enough to meet him about 7 years ago at a Music Memorabilia Convention. He was not in makeup and at first I wasn't sure it was him. The Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser from Blue Oyster Cult was sitting next to him...and after he spoke I knew it was really him. He was sweet,kind and generous, as well was Donald.

    Two weeks ago, my 12 year granddaughter came for a visit and was on my computer. She always listens to music while surfing the web. Imagine my surprise to walk into the room and find her listening to Alice Cooper. I said so you know who that is...and I quote..."Nan who does NOT know who that is, I love him and this song is one of my 10 favorites.


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