Rocking Friday and Creativity Boot Camp 9 & 10

This is how behind on the prompts I am. Today is day 13 - the last day of Creativity Boot Camp. Here I am just uploading days 9 and 10.

Day 9 prompt: DrizzleThe theme of the ATC swap that I'm in this month was favourite colours. So that's what this is showing. I drizzled Glossy Accents (y'see what I did there?) and let the drips dry for some gloopy, drippy... dripness.

Day 10 prompt: Full BodiedOK, first journal page I've shared... first journal page I haven't binned. I drew a silhouette shape based on the starting pictures I took for my weight-loss. Used that as a mask and the rest all sort of did itself from there. Not written anything on it yet - the big mahoosive title kind of says a lot of what's in my mind. This is my stumbling block with journalling. I can't get over this mental block between the words in my head and the hand holding the pen.

Friday means it's time for Virginia's feel good reflection on the past week. Push aside the rubbish and focus on the good stuff... can only be a good thing can't it? Why not click the piccy and join in?This week the main thing that's Rocking My World is the letter received this morning. My youngest, has been given a place at afternoon nursery starting from September. We had it in our heads that she wouldn't be starting until next year. Ruby is so excited and can't understand why she can't go NOW! I'm a mixed bag of emotions. Really happy that she will get some time and independence to herself... and so will I... plus Craig and I will get a couple of snatched lunchtimes to spend time as a couple. But it also means my last baby, and she is going to be my last baby, is growing up and spreading her wings. In amidst the excitement and happy bubbles is a funny nervous sad feeling in the pit of my tummy. Isn't that odd!

Sorting things out. Both in my head and in life generally. Getting organised, well a sort of organised chaos. For the first time in a long time I'm starting to see some direction to things. The long term house sort out is still ongoing but ongoing in the right direction, the weight and health is starting to feel like I'm in control of it rather than vice versa... and the Creative Boot Camp has really opened my eyes in a lot of ways to a lot of things - not just crafty. I didn't expect that - thought it would 'just' be another online class. I'm really starting to get some focus going on and it's feels good. Scary good but definitely good.

So what's been good about your week? Thank you as always for stopping by :)


  1. I'm not surprised your behind - look at what you've been upto!! I love your journal page. I have the same problem - I have words whizzing round but none want to commit to paper! If you really feel the need, why not write random words that fit - as far as I know there's not a rule book to follow ;0)xx

  2. Carmen, the drizzle picture is great! How did you create that, whats the purple shiny stuff??? The glossy accents looks great on it. Also really pleased to see one of your journal pages which is great too, although you dont look full bodied to me! I have the last 2 prompts to do over the weekend. I have found the whole 2 weeks inspiring, I have not drawn for years and am amazed to find that I still can! Am looking for something similar online so I can keep going with it but cant find anything. I dont know if I will keep it up without a daily prompt!

  3. Cor, your journal page is stunning! Don't worry about the gap between head and pen - just soon as you start, it's easy..honest. That painted lace looks great - how lovely that you've put it to use already. As for finding a direction - don't be's all within your grasp. Lucky Ruby, and no it's not odd to feel as you do...s'what loving Mums go through!

  4. Good things in your list this week Carmen. What you're feeling is natural - my baby will be 21 next month - ouch!
    Don't worry about the journalling, just go with the flow - random words willdo - honest!
    Sue xx

  5. Love the drizzle - is that the lace you were painting? and the journal page is great.
    I don't have any children, but I can imagine how you feel.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. ooh your journal page is gorgeous - and i love your drizzle piece, really fab xxx

  7. I love that journal page. You could always copy out some words from a blog post for it. I've been doing that a bit lately.

    Ruby will love nursery school. But I know the feeling you mean. I get a funny feeling it's hard to shake off at the end of every school year. I don't like endings! But I always love autumn term because of the beginnings.

  8. Love your journal pages - gorgeous! And bless Ruby at nursery - your life will soon be filled with lots of things and the excitement of getting her from school will be lovely!

    I'm glad you managed to get so much from the creativity boot camp I've not got off the starting blocks and I'm so envious of you and the focused on weight loss bit - mine is still out of control and I'm a tad confused about how I'm going to get it back to be honest!

    Love your rocking your world!


  9. {{{hugs}}} glad to hear things are working out so well for you lately hun. The journal page is great. You are not meant to bin the others ya nut! you just leave them for a bit, then go back and stick some stuff over them, or paint over them or whatever and keep adding and taking away until you feel done! It's a process, even with the stuff you don't immediately like. As for the words... you don't have to have them if you can't think of what to say, that's why it's an art journal not a regular journal!
    Can you email me your snail mail addy? I've got something for you x

  10. I LOVE that journal page of yours - I've got a mental block with journaling, I can't help but feel here I am with this great page and now I'm gonna ruin it all with my scribble and messy crossings-out! I know that's what it's all about but.......! Love the background dribbling too. Ruby will be so ready for nursery, the younger ones can't wait to do what the older ones have done. You'll soon get used to having a teensy bit of time to yourself. I've gotta look up this Creative Boot Camp, it looks like its LOTS OF FUN!! Tara Chuck, x

  11. Wow, what amazing creations! Congrats to Ruby for getting ready to start something new and fun! You are really an inspiration girl!

  12. I've really enjoyed reading about the Creative Boot Camp. It sounded brilliant.

  13. Oh do make me larf. It's the way you say 'em! *Ü* I felt exactly the same as you when my youngest went to nursery but think of the time you will have to yourself! Ohh..BTW...I have gotten over that now she is 34! LOL. I LOVE your interpretation on your journalling pages. Very creative and bold - colourwise. TFS. ~Glen~

  14. I love the journal page is so cool!

  15. Oh, so cut Art Journal !
    J'aime beaucoup les couleurs, fantastique harmonie !

  16. Such an intriguing ATC, and the journal page is wonderful! I always love shapes and masks so this is right up my alley! Gorgeous!


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