Ruby in Lola Land

Over on the Copy+Paste blog they've been celebrating their 1st birthday all week. As part of the celebrations there have been challenges and giveaays galore, go check them out - I was a late gatecrasher and am still having fun taking part.

This challenge was to download Kirsty's fab printables and incorporate them into a project. Any project of any medium. As soon as I saw them I thought of Charlie & Lola.  Ruby's favourite dolls is her Lola so off I set to browse the net. I found the perfect image with Charlie, Lola and a sofa. There was even an empty seat on the sofa for Ruby - like they were just waiting for her to join the party.
This is what I came up with...

  • I printed off a picture of Ruby, cut her out and sat her on the sofa. 
  • The balloons and speech bubbles (which I also turned into balloons) the party hat and the presents were from the C+P printable sheets. 
  • I went round the printables and then Ruby in sparkly black pen to help her fit into Lola's cartoon world. 
  • I've then covered the whole thing in a couple of coats of Glossy Accents. 
I must admit to loving how this turned out. Next step to get a frame so she can have it in her bedroom. Yes she's seen it - yes I've had to put it up high because she just wants to cuddle it!

There is also a set of ice breaker questions to get the party started over at C+P so I thought I'd have a go at some of those too:
  1. Everyone knows that I love Alice Cooper.... but you'd never guess that I went to a Pavarotti concert at Leeds Castle. He rocked!
  2. I'm proud to admit that I like veggies and fruit... but my guilty pleasure is marmite & cheese toasties!
  3. I'm inspired by almost everything... and it surprises me when some people don't see the gorgeous simple things in life.
  4. I've got lots of books... but I've always wanted a library/study with floor to ceiling shelving in gorgeous dark wood. and a big open fire :)
  5. If I never fit into those blimming clothes... it will (not) be for lack of trying ;)
  6. I didn't stay on at school past 15... and now I very much regret it...
  7. It's not that I think I'm always right... but I'd really rather not lie to myself :P
  8. Doing the dishes with Craig... makes me happy
  9. Someone once told me that Santa doesn't exist... and then I got photographic evidence that he does.
Thanks as always for stopping by :)


  1. Love your pic of Ruby!
    I am SO with you on the library - I've got enough books to fill one, just need some space..... where have I heard that before?!
    I had a Saturday job in a library once, learned to carry the books stacked up your arms properly and everything!
    Have a great weekend, Carmen.

  2. Hi Carmen - thanks for joining in - great project! So cute. [They're Kirsty's fab printables - I don't want to steal her glory!]

    I have cheese + marmite on waffles - and it seems all our readers want a library! How funny to have something so specific in common.

    Thanks again for joining it - there's definitely no time limit on it - it'll all still be there whenever you feel like dropping by.

    Julie :)

  3. Oops - will go change that, thanks Julie :D

  4. I thought of Charlie and Lola straight away too! It really works with Ruby in the picture with them, I bet she loves it!

  5. Clever you! That piccie with Ruby on is so great!
    x x

  6. Carmen, that is fabulous! I love it. And the answers to your questions. I very nearly included a Santa answer like yours. I knew he still existed when he asked me to make him a new suit..

  7. Holy Crap! That is AWESOME girl!!! Love love love this!!! Loved reading your little list of secrets too. :) I follow Santa on Twitter so there's no way he doesn't exist. lol :D

  8. Hi Carmen,

    Thanks so much for taking on our party challenge. I'm beyond honoured that the images made you think of Charlie and Lola (blushing right down to my badly-dyed roots), and adore what you've done with them. :)

    Lots of fun reading your ice-breaker answers, too. I'm quite determined to get to a Leeds castle concert one of these unpredictable summers, and - obviously - wouldn't turn my nose up at a library of my own either!

    Thanks again.


  9. Love the effect you've got with the Glossy Accents. So cool.

    I know what you mean about the library - I want one of those overstuffed leather couches for mine too.

    Jaqui x


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