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Oh noooooooo...

I just finished the last book of the box set! What am I going to do now?? I have a whole bookshelf of yet to reads waiting for me but I NEED to know what happens next! *wrings hands* Who knew book 8 would end like that? (Giving nowt away for people not there yet!)

Will have to do a mercy dash to Tesco's tomorrow now, see if book 9 is in stock, curse their early closing on a bank holiday!


P.s I still love Bill and kinda feel sorry for him... and Quinn too.


  1. I hope you manage to get a copy today. although the end of nine leaves you hanging as well I waiting for ten to be released next (I think) month. but have just started reading her Harper Connelly books. V.good!!!

  2. Oh no! The collection doesn't have a secret message on the spines - not like My Mr Men Library!!!
    Sorry. Hope you get the 9th...really, the waiting is a good thing...!

  3. Oh yeah the Mr Men Library is certainly something else.. :)


  4. I felt totally lost when I finished all of the books and had returned them to Paige! Tempted to buy the set myself! Hope you get the next book, and hoping that when Paige gets book 10 she will read it very very quickly! x

  5. Yey - they are brilliant aren't they - book 9 is cool too and then there's the one with all the different short stories in - yes I'm a Sookie Stackhouse addict! I'm now reading Morganville vampire books - but just not the same!

  6. I have not read this series yet! I know how it feels to get to the end and be desperate for the next, good luck getting 9!

  7. Just don't start reading Robert Jordan's Wheel Of Time set - he died after writing the 11th one and didn't finish them (thankfully someone else is going to now) Please don't get me started on more books my bookcase is shaky as it is. Jaqui x


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