Silver Crow Project

Is It a Bird? Is It A Plane?

It's not one but two scrapbook pages! Only taken a year almost since the last one.

Gauche Alchemy have posted an amazing challenge to win one of their Mixed Media kits. The theme is Mixed Media Mamas - show what "mother" means to you.

My Mum has been on my mind a lot the last few weeks. We are coming up to the anniversary of when we lost her next month, we've also had a couple of things happening at home that have made me think of her as well. Some ongoing stuff that I just so wish she was here for me talk to her about... but the main one being that my Uncle lost his battle with Cancer in the early hours of this morning. Same thing that took Mum - different part of the body - same horrible disease. I wanted a distraction today - being on my own at home I just didn't want to be sitting here thinking the thoughts I was thinking. So I printed off a few pictures of Mum and got to scrapping. It really did help too. The amount of memories that come crowding back when you craft like that.

This is the first page I did. It's Mum aged around 16, I always told her she reminded me of Bette Davis in this picture - I was never sure if she took it as a compliment but it was, I adore Bette Davis and think she was one of the stunner's of her time, those gorgeous eyes!

This second one I was playing around with the technique Lara showcased on the GA blog the other day. Such fun and very therapeutic in a funny kind of way. I love the texture of it when dry, a gorgeous result. I was going to have phrases going all around the photo of this one. The funny things Mum used to say - but I may have to save that for another time - I really love this as is and am thinking of framing it. It's actually very shimmery and glittery in real life - the top coat wash is some silver poster type paint, really catches the light.

Big hugs to all those that need one tonight. And extra squishy one for the bonkers Myz!
Thanks as always for stopping by.


  1. Oh..... spot on with the Bette Davis, she really did....totally gowjus!!!!

    I love your scrap pages you should do all of

    You da scrap queen :) so much better than my take my mind off it cards... and even my cheesecake!

    hughughughughug mmmmwaaaaaaa


  2. Carmen, these are great pages, you should definately scrap more!

  3. Hugss for you too hun, sounds like you could do with one.
    Kandi xx

  4. Your mother was stunning! These layouts are so beautiful, I love both of the different styles and techniques. Thanks for playing along!

    I'm so sorry for your loss ((((((super big hugs))))) dearest.

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss. (((HUG)))

    Scrapbooking is such a great way to think about things and not think about things all at the same time.

    Your mother was gorgeous, as are the pages you made.

  6. CArmen - so sorry for your loss. Your layouts are just beautiful -as was your mum. I think I may even have to start thinking about doing some aout my dad - the anniversary of when we lost him is this weekend - and he so deserves some renewed attention.

  7. Ah Carmen, I am sorry to read of your loss, it's a pernicious andhateful disease, so many people we love are battling. Not only a fab, rich and intersting LO, it's so interwoven with love that it turns into a them both. Your Mum would have been thrilled!

  8. What gorgeous pages they are!

  9. I hope making these pages helped a little. Anniversaries aren't easy, I know. And you should scrap some more..these are cool! x

  10. Fabby pages Carmen - that Bette Davis one is a brilliant tribute page. :)

  11. Carmen these are both absolutely gorgeous I love them both - can't wait to see your next ones - please don't leave it twelve months though LOL!


  12. *Hugs* coming your way hun. It's never easy and it's a horrid disease. But I hope this will entertain you a little!

    I also wanted to let you know I'd like to give you and award. If you'd like to accept it, pop over to my blog. If it's not for you then don't worry, I won't be offended :)
    Jenny x

  13. Helloooooo Carmen!!!
    I told Maggi Darrr-lin' that I'd better come and bug you the other day and shame on me, I forgoteded!
    These pages are SO major kewl. I've got mine done too, just have to upload it. Just know that you got a major Big hug from me.

  14. Sorry for your loss carmen.
    The LO of your Mum is gorgous, love the techniques x

  15. They are fab Carmen, have left you a little award over on my blog :)

  16. I am sorry about your mom. Both of these layouts are just beautiful- you have such a pretty style. And you're the one who sent Maggs the chocolate??? you're a doll!!!!!!!!! So sweet! Have a great weekend! xOxO deb

  17. What wonderful tributes to your Mum.
    Creating pages and pieces of artwork is a good way to get your thoughts down.
    So sorry to hear the sad news about your Uncle. :0(((

  18. Carmen! Awesome!!!!!!!!!
    Both those pages warm my heart.
    I love that you had fun with the painty technique - it can get addictive :)
    The way you did it makes it almost look like a sunburst behind your mom which really inspires me to try something similar! off to the paints....!

  19. Hi Hun

    Just wanted to let you know I've passed you a blog award, check out my blog for details

  20. I read this a while ago and thought I'd commented ....blame the old grey cells. Sorry to hear about your uncle... I assume your Mums must be hard for you thoughts are with you.

    I think you did the best thing to help ...have good happy thought about your Mum. Great LO's ...different feels ... love them both and I agree that the second one has no need for journalling xx

  21. You should definitely scrap more Carmen, beautiful layouts for a beautiful lady.

    Debbie x

  22. Big (hugs) Carmen. These are simply amazing pages and are a beautiful tribute to your Mum who definitely did look like Bette Davis!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming my second follower - really put a great big grin on my face!



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