Iddy Bitty Late But Still...

...Rocked My World!

Oopsie - how did I forget Whats Rocking My World Friday? Well I do know actually. I was days, DAYS getting round all the WOYWW desks and still didn't make them all and also one of my World Rockin' moments distracted me.

So without further dilly dally, what made me smile, laugh and just generally be happy last week?

Jace Everett

(I just love this video someone made on You Tube!)

The song above is probably now what he is most famous for - Bad Things, which was used in the True Blood opening credits. However, fabulous as that song is - it is not even the best song on his AMAZING Red Revelations album! My favourites by far are Red Revelations which, after searching, I cannot find a video of on the net! Grrr. Possession is just gorgeous too.

So why did Mr Everett rock my world this week? Craig took me to see him perform in Maidstone on Friday. And ROCK he did. I cannot tell you how utterly amazing he was - how someone can make the sounds he makes come out of a body is beyond me. His voice should seriously be x-rated. I would urge anyone if you get the chance to go see him, RUN to wherever he is. He has quite literally lept up on to Alice's pedestal and is up there sharing the dizzying heights of my adoration now. I don't know who I would choose if they were both performing the same day. I really don't.

The opening act was bonkers. It was a group called Ghost of a Dog. Anyone who can sing about an ASBO scoffing, hoody munching werewolf in the center of Cardiff is alright in my books.

Having a night out on a date with Craig also pretty much rocked, that hasn't happened in 3 years. We ended up double dating with my sister and her partner as they had got tickets too so we all sat together but it was just lovely getting some time as a couple. OK, Craig reckons if I choose another concert for the next date it will be another 3 years wait... he's an old fart in a young blokes body. He finds concerts to loud! We are such opposites I really don't know how we ended up falling for each other. But even he admitted it was lovely to spend time together that wasn't part of work or refereeing the girls.

Yay, am finding time to start again, not as much as I would like but getting there. Getting organised in all areas of my life is definitely starting to pay dividends.Not showing you any more yet as this is a gift for a friend. Am on the ATC making today.

Continued Weight Loss
It's still coming off, sometimes in nice big chunks (nice visual image there) and sometimes in little trickles (um... yeah... sorry another unwelcome visual!) but it IS coming off. My Slimming World chart has me hitting target in early August - I find that hard to believe but am going to be over the moon if it happens! I'm feeling the benefits all the time.

This Video

I swear I cannot watch this without laughing out loud every single time. My favourite funny of the year so far!

What made you smile this week? Be sure to drop by and let Virginia know too, the starter of all this feel good shiny happiness.

Thanks you as always for dropping by!


  1. Hi Carmen. How great was it to be having such a good week you forgot to post on Friday! Love it. Sounds like you had a ball! Well done with the weight loss - sounds like its all heading in the right direction for you. I'm coming back later to check out the vids. Have a great rest of this week and thanks for calling by my blog. Pen x

  2. Nice to hear you are crafting again. I really need to sort all my stuff out.

    Glad you enjoyed the concert too.

  3. Hi Carmen..great round up of cheery goings on! I dropped you an email yesterday but I've just changed laptops and am struggling to work out the new mail thing on it. So just in case you didn't get it..thankyou for what must be my coolest comment ever!! Really made my day.

  4. Love your life affirming cheerfulness girl - your changes are soo positive. As for the boxer...I thinkit's the gorgeous accent on the commentary that made me laugh..oh and the panic over the poop!

  5. Gee, this must be how my dog trained himself. lol Glad you're creating again! :D

  6. Carmen I have missed you. I am so glad to be back here. You always make me smile. I love your humor and bubbly personality. It is fantastic the way you are progressing with your weight loss. You are so adorable now, I can only imagine how stunning you will be when you reach your goal. Keep up the great work my dear friend. (((Hugs)))

  7. Good news that you've had a great rocking week - and WOW that you have placed Jace up there with Alice!! Just wow! Great news about your weight loss and target for August:)
    Keep on keepin' on!

  8. I would tell you but it involves True Blood. I'm gonna get withdrawal simptons Friday night is the last in series 2. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! At least it means it should be on CH4 soon and I can finally talk to you about it. (Love the dog video BTW) Jaqui x

  9. Oh just had to come and have a look, Jace Everett - that's fantastic - glad he was great in concert- but what is your other half like- when I took little man to his first gig at the age of 8 it was Linkin Park I took some ear plugs but he declined! The support band sounded fun! Loving your positivity - weigh in two tonight for me - not very hopeful had a good week but don't feel any lighter - think my goal will be about 18 months! Glad things are progressing!


  10. That dog video really made me laugh!!!! I am a fellow What's Rocking My World...... blogger, and I love yours! I find it really GREAT to focus on the positive, happy, good things in life. They're the important ones, right?! Good luck with the continuing weight loss. x


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