What's Rocking My World Friday

Good afternoon everyone. I am crawling back to Blogland slowly - feels like I have been away years rather than a couple of days, pc problems. I'll say no more for fear of losing my temper once again.

So this week what's been rocking my world?

The Sun!
It does exist - it wasn't a figment of my imagination and it's shown itself this week - today as well. I'm also loving waking up to daylight and the longer evenings. Now if the rain and cold would just go away I would be entirely happy.

April means one thing and one thing only to me... ok - yes... Darling Daughter number 1 was born in April and that was a pretty major event in my life now that I think about it.... and yes she is hitting the 13 year milestone this year... that's pretty big... but, now this is the biggy, guess what weekend her birthday falls on? Just guess?

The Ally Pally Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show!!!! Whoooooooo! So April... and September too mean only one thing in this house. SHOPPING! Not just shopping but SHOPPING FOR STASHHHH! *Hyperventilates* This is big because in between shows I am on a ban and am saving hard. Last September feels like it was years ago now and my stash is looking severely depleted and sorry for itself. No, I am not a miserable moo and not celebrating my daughters birthday - it falls on that weekend so we are celebrating with a trip to London aren't we? *ahem!* I must admit I am very lucky that she is as into her crafts as I am and as part of her treat she did choose to still go to the show - we are taking her BFF and they are making it an all weekend sleepover so that they can then play with their new stash. I must admit when she asked for that I let out a huge sigh or relief because... like... I would totally have given up going and done something different. Of course I would. What? Stop looking like that!

My Dad
For joining Slimming World with me this week. I'll admit - I wondered if he would chicken out but he didn't and he went with me. You do realise though, if he loses more than me I will sulk. A lot!

What's rocking your world this week? If you play along be sure to let Virginia know - she who started this weekly feel good posting ;)

Thanks as always for stopping by!


  1. how fab to have a daughter who you connect to so well! bet you will all enjoy the show (no im not pouting in the corner because i cant goo.....well maybe a little!)

  2. Ooh I'm loving this - you saw the sun - did it really venture out I only have brief recollections of it! You are so lucky to have a crafting daughter on your hands mine only ever rolls his eyes whenever I mention a trip to the nearest shop LOL!

    You're Dad is great for joining with you - I've been looking on their website is it really as 'Easy' as they claim? I'm mighty sceptical that eating free foods = weight loss but if it does will you tell me because I need to get off this issue and go for it big style LOL!

    Right we've been on a treasure hunt today (which was brilliant) so now off to play with paint me thinks!

    Hope you're having a great day

  3. WOOP! Much kudos to your dad. It must take guts for a man to attend somthing that tends to be female orientated.

    Enjoy Ally Pally. I've skinted myself at the go-go getaway so won't be heading that way. My bank manager would cry and DP would MURDER me...

    Glad I wasn't the only one who saw the sun! xx

  4. Oooh stash shopping - now that definitely qualifies for a bi YAY in my book! Good old Dad for joining you at Slimming World! Hope you have a great weekend in London x x

  5. 1) From the pics you posted on the other blog, I have to say, you do not look old enough to have a 13 year old. And I don't mean that in a judgy 'you must have had a kid when you were only 13' kind of way, I mean that in a 'YOU LOOK AWESOME' kind of way.

    2) We saw the sun this week, too!! I hardly knew what it was!!!!

  6. We have seen glimpses of the sun and then had pay back with snow, sleet high winds .... and oh so much rain. Today there is sun ...so I hope there is some still tomorrow.

    Love the LO of your Dad ...good luck to you both at SW.

    Have a wonderful Mother and daughter day buying stash ..and I too agree with Julie

  7. Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebratory weekend. You can't get much better than mother/daughter crafting I reckon.

  8. whoop, get in touch, I'll be at the Allee Pallee on Saturday, I'd love to just say ' Wotcha!'

  9. Awesome layout, I love the clusters of buttons :)

  10. So glad you're back! And I cannot WAIT to see what you score at that craft show! I so wish I was there to go with you!!!!

  11. Great fun ... so glad we are playing Virginia's game. Can't wait to see what rocked your world next time! x


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