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Mixed Bag :P

I'm a wee bit late posting What's Rocking My World Friday but as it all sort of works with what I've been doing this weekend I thought I'd post in one.

Whats rocking my world this week -

Being Mum to a teenager!
Yes, my baby is officially a teenager today. How did that happen? I feel like a big kid myself. We have our moments (she's definitely hit the Kevin phase) but I couldn't be more proud of the young lady my Devon is turning into. Beautiful, thoughtful, thinking of others, creative and very strong & brave to name a few of her qualities.

Happy Birthday Devvie!

This is the finished canvas I made as part of her present, it went down well I'm pleased to say! *Phew*
Ally Pally

We went to the craft show at Alexandra Palace in London yesterday. As a birthday treat Devon chose to take her BFF and as a result I ended up walking round on my own most of the time while they stalked the ball machine at Capture The Magic stand. It paid off - after putting in about £20 (Eek!) Devon won a Doodlebug tote bag crammed full of Doodlebug products worth a lot more than what she put in. I don't know who was more happy - Devon or Stephanie running the stand who was having visions of Devon seeking me out for more change and someone else coming along and putting one coin in and winning. To say Devon was ecstatic is an understatement to say the least.

I was able to meet a lot of bloggy friends and not worry about Devon getting bored with my chatting - it's so lovely to meet people in the flesh so to speak :P This picture is of the blimp (me! Most unflattering t-shirt ever?) dwarfing lovely Glen and Mrs Holtz otherwise known as LindaTaking the photo for me was Helen (who gives me backache just thinking how she crafts) and I also met craftytrog at the same stand.

I also met Leigh and Vivienne. I was in a duck swap on UKS with Leigh, the infamous swap that got me addicted to altering in the first place and I own one of her yummy ducks. I've been following Vivienne's blog since I started mine. I can't remember how I discovered her but I love her blog. She recommends the best books and it was great to finally meet her. Finally I met Jennie otherwise known as The Wife (absolutely bonkers) and was so pleased to bump into Kay a few times walking round... or I should say, she made made me jump the first time sneaking up behind me! I was pretty good at keeping the old shyness in check too I think.

Here is my haul...Lots of paper but I resisted the patterned stuff - just plain so I can get going with my painting and back into scrapbooking. Some Utee for the melt pot I have coming soon...Don't panic... The cute stuff is a gift for a friend.
The promarkers were part of a deal, buy the 12 pack and a 5 pack for £17.50 so I thought I would see what all the fuss is about. Mmmmm. Paint - my favourite buy I think.

Um, kind of didn't get any embellishments. I definitely think my tastes have changed. I seem to be preferring handmade or found embellies lately. The stuff at the show really didn't grab me at all and for what it was, I thought a lot of it was overpriced and I could probably make myself. So as I am running on empty with the embellies I better get making or finding eh?

Really looking forward to the next Ally Pally show but will be going to the Knitting & Stitching show in October rather than the card and scrapbooking one in September. I've heard there is more mixed media there so it's worth a looksee.

Thanks for popping by, be sure and visit Virginia to see who else is joining in and shouting about what Rocked Their World this week ;)


  1. Oooo love the canvas and totally jealous of you going to AP :(
    Your purchases look fabby :D
    Julie xx

  2. That canvas is megatastic! I bet Devon is absolutely thrilled with it! Had a chuckle at the 13 thing - our youngest is 23 but I think she still has a bit of teen in her! Treasure it though, becuase you'll blink an eye and she'll be a woman.
    Ally Pally is a bit too far away but I had pangs when I saw your dream would be to travel the length and breadth of the country visiting every craft shop (well the good ones anyway) and all the shows...of course I would need to win the lottery first!
    Glad you had fun and met up with bloggy mates too.
    x x x

  3. You are mum to a beautiful teenager. Carmen you are adorable. I love your smile and attitude. Glad you had a good time meeting friends. You picked up some really nice stuff too.

  4. Happy birthday to Devon. Glad to hear she had a good weekend. It was fabulous to see you yesterday too. It was so crowded,but I had hoped our paths would cross. I bought some of the Promarkers at Christmas and i have to say they are fabulous.

  5. Devon is beautiful and so like you! Sounds like AP was a blast - worth the trip to meet the people for sure!

  6. Looks like you got some lovely things - cant wait to see what you make with them. Glad you had a good day!!

  7. Your canvas is fantastic, you clever lady xxx
    Sounds and looks like you had a great time at Ally Pally, I am so jealous ;-)

  8. Gorgeous canvas - and gorgeous daughter! Glad you had a good time at Ally Pally - can't wait to see what you do with your stash

  9. Wow that canvas turned out great! I love it and am jealous that can't make one! Happy Birthday to your daughter!!!

  10. Canvas is scrummy ... your purchases are fab ... Happy Birthday Devon ... but Carmen ... Did you or did you not promise to airbrush me first ... you know I was taller than that and I look like Julia Roberts IRL ... but I am liking the Mrs Holtz thing ... so you are forgiven Mrs Cooper XXX


    You got some awesome stuff! I know what you mean about the embellishments, I'm the same way too now. Glad you had fun, love your shirt BTW!!! I've been out of town and now I'm sick, UGH. Will e-mail soon, miss you!!! :D

  12. Beautiful daughter, beautiful canvas and the craft show sounds like so much fun!!

  13. Gorgeous canvas, I bet she loved it.

    Lovely buys Carmen, you will have to start making your own embellies, just buy some blue gel flex or vinamold and you could have your own skeleton mould for embellies.

    Debbie x

  14. Such a beautiful daughter, mom rocks too by the way! Like your finds but I am sure I would leave with a lot more stuff as I am a mad shopper!
    Your canvas is lovely I can see that she would like it very much!
    Thank you for the report from Ally Pally!

  15. Happy Birthday to the Birthday teenager! Isn't it fab to watch them grow up? And, hey! nice to see your made me feel like waving x

  16. Thanks for the happy birthdays :)

    And I did love love love love love love the canvas so muchly :)

    i think the bag and stuff was worth about £150 maybe more???

    I dont have the red hair anymores though :'( I thought you got some nice stuff to mum xx

    devsie xx

  17. Love the canvas Carmen. It was soo nice to meet you at AP and Devon too. *Ü* WOW! You certainly don't look like you have a teenager - let alone 3 daughters. The photo is great....not been able to upload mine from my phone yet as it's new and I can't fathom it out!! So nice to put a face to your comments now! TFS. ~Glen~

  18. Hi Carmen, loving your blog! Your week really did rock. Envy you the Ally Pally experience and admire your stand on embellishments - I'm with you all the way on that one. Look forward to seeing what you do with your stash. I'm playing Rocked My Week too!
    Happy Birthday to your daughter too x

  19. You'll need a bigger pot of utee lol !
    looks like you had fun x
    good luck in the Fiskarette comp xxx

  20. Great haul must have been great meeting everyone.
    Love the fun canvas ...your style shines out.

    Wow devon is growing up ...noticed in the time I have followed your blog ....where does time go ???? she is a petty young lady now.

  21. Hi, Carmen - glad to see the pic came out ok, it was great to meet you and two of your daughters - there is NO way you look old enough to have a teenager so congrats to both of you!!

  22. Your canvas is GORGEOUS! And I agree, they grow up way to fast :)


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