Rocking My World Friday... on Saturday

Virginia had a great idea full of positiveness this week. She posted a list of what was rocking her world. So I thought I would do the same - Maggi does something similar with her Friday Night Fab Five. It's great to see what other people are into at the moment so I thought I would have a go too...

What's Rocking My World This Friday *cough* Saturday!

Hand made birthday/Mothers day presents ~ *Beware the naughty word in the picture below* These gifts just made my month. They really did, the thought and effort and love that goes into a hand made gift makes them priceless to me. I just love them and I will treasure them forever.
(Cross stitch from Gail, Alice/Alice altered book from Virginia and paper posie from my lovely Phoebe)

Daffodils ~ My little town is undergoing 'regeneration.' A couple of years ago they put in a new road & traffic light system leading to the new bridge off the Island. When they started re-planting the grass along the side of the road they planted hundreds and hundreds of those little mini daffodils. Now come spring every year the bank and verge along that bit of road is a riot of yellow. I pass it every day when I take the kids to school. It makes me smile. It makes me think of my Mum.

Model Behaviour ~ Ruby has always loved the camera. But the last couple of weeks her and Devvie have been practising posing and now it's her new favourite hobby... apart from bursting into song and dance in the middle of shops that is.
What a pout! She makes me laugh so much!

And this is her "Yo Mama, I can dress myself, don't mess with me, Dora jammies so go with sparkly trainers" look.
But I love capturing her naturally ;)

Graffiti Chic ~ Yay! Just signed up to this class. And until the 21st (tomorrow) there is $10 off the course price! (Check out her blog section for details.) GBP wise that works out at £27.34 for the class. Can't wait to start and even better Maggi is doing it too so we can be the naughty giggly girls at the back of the class together! Whoo!Baby Plum Tomatoes ~ Bought some in our local greengrocers this week. OMG they were deliciously sweet, We've gone through three punnets already. We are just eating them like sweeties, Ruby can't leave the kitchen without a small bowl of them. Yum!Sparkly Copics ~ You read that right SPARKLY Copics! I won some in Sally's Blog Giveaway! I never knew there was such a thing, I can't wait to get my grubby mitts on them. Check her out, not only is she lovely but she has a different giveaway each week.
So that's what's rocking my world this week. What about you?

Thanks as always for stopping by :)


  1. Better late than never eh? Really love the photos of Ruby. What a poppet.
    A x

  2. Wow! That workshop looks great! Wish I could join you. Just looked at the blog and website, LOVE her stuff! Thanks for showing me.

    Like the look of those sparkly copics too, lucky you!

  3. Oh boy that was one heck of a post ....Love the shots ...those are good pouts ...hope they dont give you too much attitudelol
    I get addicted to baby toms in all shapes and colours ....yellow and golden are so sweet but usually expensive ...worth growing if you have time
    I havent got copics ....yet ...but I had no idea there were sparkly ones. When all the pens we have gathered over the years run out I will look into copics ...or promarkers ...not sure which.

  4. Great photos of Ruby. What a gorgeous doll. She is adorable. Love those big brown eyes.

  5. Better late than never! I've got my digital camera sorted now so can take proper shots - on a Wednesday, ahem!! and not rely on when I go out with my film camera. The photos are fab, what great pouting...

  6. Ah Carmen that's awesome I love the photos with the dora pj's and sparkly trainers - truly iconic I tell you - my sister used to dress like this when she was little - so much fun!

    I'm loving the new class that you're doing - might to be tempted to go look at that myself - it's soooo different - yum!

    Those baby tomatoes look gorgeous I'm not surprised they are disappearing before your very eyes

    and finally the daffodils - absolutely gorgeous and a sure sign that spring is finally on it's way!


  7. That's a great list. I'm laughing at the cross stitch. My son bought me a book of "bad cross stitch" while we were on holiday last year. It was a protest at having to holiday with his parents!



    Your list is awesome! Those pictures are so stinkin' cute! Models indeed!

    I am loving me some vintage this week!

  9. Can I join the naughty girls club at the back because I've signed on too - how on earth did you find Graffiti Chic Carmen - it's fantastic!

  10. Fabulous piccies liking them a lot! And .... oooooh a desk ... I have some rubbish .... I could dump it there :0)

  11. Heehee! Thanks for sharing hun, made me giggle ^_^

  12. That class looks like so much fun! you will ahve to post your creations!

    And, you kiddo is SO CUTE! :-)

  13. I haven't taken any of her classes at this point but I do know that you will enjoy Alisa very much, I first found her work in Cloth Paper Scissors and have been hooked...I LOVE making grafiti paper. You guys better share your work, I want to see what you do.

  14. Wow! Whoopi, your gorgeous girlie can pout just like your duckies. Hold onto that picture of her in the cap and let your duckies run past. The perfect model! Love your Mothers Day prezzies, brilliant!!

  15. Delish piccies of your daughter! I'm might interested in that graffiti class.... make sure to post what you get up to (including the naughty girl antics from the back of the class!)


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