Ninja's and Ray Winstone - Oh Yeah!

The top secret, hush hush present has landed at it's destination so I can now share all.

You know how rubbish I am at cards? How absolutely I hate and detest doing them? Well, for once I was supremely happy with myself at the one I made for Gail's birthday. I had got it in to my head that she liked Ray Winstone. No, not only liked him, she luuuurved him, she wanted to maaaaaarry him... and then I discover a picture of Mr Winstone all tied up. Ooh - kinky! Gail will love that I thinks.

Tra laaaaaa! One card I'm very happy and smug about later...Gratuitous, Cooper trying to get in the picture shot!
Cue a bemused text from said kinky Gail... wondering (very nicely) why the heck I sent a card with Mr Winstone all tied up on it! Ah! How do I get these things in my head? How? I know not. I mean, Ray Winstone is a bit random innit? Not something you would just pluck out of the air... unless you were me! It gave us a giggle anyway!

Still, at least I seem to have got it right with the handmade part of her present. You all know Gail is the Queen of ninja hugs right? She gives the best ones - instant feel good factor. So I thought I would return the favour and make her a ninja hug for her wrist.Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - "Ninja Hug" Spiral BraceletThanks as always everyone for stopping by :)


  1. Carmen ... that is hysterical ... you mean she does n't and has never looooooved or wanted to maaaaaaarry Ray ... I am laughing so hard I think my bladder might burst

  2. Nope.... she said something about Vincent... not a clue what that is... is it a film? lol.... he's ok.. I know him from an advert talking about salmon swimming upstream lol


    ..and I *so* love you too Carmen....



  3. Brilliant!!! Love the ninjas xx

  4. Classic! Lol.....

    The bracelet is totally fab.x

  5. Very, very funny! Hey, it could happen to anyone. Maybe :) I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't like making cards!

  6. That's classic with regards to mistaken addictions - I did wonder half way through your book if I was losing the plot as well LOL!

    Love the ninja hug bracelet - that's awesome!

  7. Carmen - your bracelet rocks - and who wouldn't like Ray Winstone ties up (even if they had no idea who he was!)

  8. You loon! LOL. the bracelet is beautiful though :)

  9. hahahahahahahaha love love love love it! I'm rubbish with cards too, love yours! That bracelet is tops! Super groovy!

  10. LOL! Love the blog post really made me laugh! That bracelet is FAB! Where do you come up with your ideas? x

  11. Carmen you make me laugh - yep Ray Winstone is pretty random!! Love the ninja wrist hugger - fantastic. Jaqui x

  12. Well ...if you are going to get it wrong...
    you might as well do it with style lol

    That is a fantasic bracelet by the way to soooo many fun variations for all your friends ...but dont make a mini Ray Winstone lol

  13. I love this bracelet, didnt realise you could get so many colours susan x

  14. I love your bracelet Carmen. Its fab!

    Poppy x


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