Silver Crow Project


Good evening What's On Your Workdesk people. It's a bit of a late one tonight... almost forgot. Been one of those days.

Here's my uninspiring desk today. One wool jumper, still all on it's lonesome. There's a pot of salt... bit random - why it's there I don't know! Some candy canes... not guilty, I think one of the girls has put them there...On the other side a little jackpot moment from this morning. After weeks of begging, threatening, cajoling and pleading with Phoebe to tidy the dump she calls a bedroom I decided to do it myself. That little jewellery box on the end of the desk was in the bag for charity - the reason? It's a little sun faded on the top and it's Barbie - everything has to be High School Musical or JLS with her now. A quick check over showed that apart from the sun fade the musical mechanical bits still work and play a lovely little tune, the ballerina Barbies inside still twirl so I've smuggled that away to alter.

There's also a lovely bundle of ribbons I was lucky enough to be sent from the Crafty Ribbons blog. The challenge is to make something with them and then send my creations back to them. Hmm. My mind isn't as quick off the mark as the lovely, if somewhat modest, Myzdamena.

So what's been on your work desk today? Well if you linked up with Julia, our fearless WOYWW leader  I shall be paying you a visit shortly. If you haven't linked up, why not? Come play!

Thank you as always for stopping by - bring cake next time :)


  1. I'll bring cake but only if you'll share your salt! nowhere and I mean Nowhere on the island has any salt for sale!!! and the path are sooooo slippy still! ;)
    your postie been yet??? ;)

  2. I brought cake but I think you were in bed...just my luck eh? :-) Your craft space looks like you have lots of projects in mind.
    A x

  3. You don't need cake - you got candy canes. Anyway, I ate it on the way over..Salt...are you playing with twinkkling H20's or radiant rain, or did ya have chips for tea - I get random stuff on my desk too, it's have to be something really outrageous to surprise me, I have to say!

  4. I do love a nose around your desk.

    Did you go to the library for those books in the end?

  5. Thank you for your comment...I don't have any cake, would champayne do?

  6. I bought cake ... but you did n't come when I called so I ... erm ... ate it :0)

  7. Hello Carmen, the post on my blog doesn't apply to any loving doteing mother like youreslf...Sadly it's not what i've read in papers it's situations I have witnessed, more than I'd like to remember...Thank you for your comment...Have a good weekend...


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