The Big Freeze

Well, always one to talk (boast) to soon, what should happen Wednesday night? The Heavens opened and covered Kent in snow. At one point over the weekend both bridges onto Sheppey were closed so we were well and truly cut off. People predictably stripped the shop shelves of all the basics and it was almost comical to watch people trudging past the window with bags and bags of bread. What is it with snow and bread? Our local newsagent resorted to hiding basics out the back and offering to sell one loaf at a time to his regulars. Which Craig is. *smug grin* I didn't leave the house for 4 days and got VERY creative in my cooking by using up cupboard and freezer stock. This did however result in what Craig called my best stew EVER! So we'll be doing that again.

This was the view from my front door... the furthest I was prepared to venture. They are quite blurry because it was still snowing when I took them.
Our little local library - yep - sorry Vivienne, the library is literally opposite our house...
Right next to the free residents carpark.Which is right next to the huge green and little park... I really shouldn't moan about not having a garden should I? But come the spring and summer I will be again.

It's all started melting today and the schools re-opened. Trains resumed service and the shops restocked their shelves. Normality is restored...

Until the next flurry.

Hope you've all stayed warm and safe wherever you are. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Are you kidding me! You have a library right opposite your house and what an adorable library it is. I love the look of the building. I would be in there permanently.

    And there was you saying you had no snow! We had school shut from Wednesday to Friday. I didn't venture out either, apart from watching the girls sledging.

  2. hope the girls were out there building snowalice's and having fun??? back to school and work tomorrow for us here on the island. the snow has mostly gone in the towns just loads of brown slush about the roads.

  3. We've had a day of above freezing so at least we can chip some ice off thepaths. Your pics are lovely..quite ethereal. Bet you could turn off the heating at home and trudge over to the library for a warming half day! Great amenities on your doorstep. (Unless you wanna sunbathe nekked?)

  4. Mmmm ... nekked sun bathing ... Julia must have her heating on full to even be thinking such things! Great pictures ... we did n't have enough to build a snow ball let alone a park or a library ... you ver ver clever with that snow :0)

  5. I had to laugh at your comment about people shopping and buying everything off of the shelves. It happens here too. With the slightest forecast of snow, people scurry about shopping to stock up like they will be buried for a month or more. It is crazy. At the most we have 24 hours of being snowed in.
    You really did get a lot of snow, but it looks very pretty in the picture. A good excuse for staying indoors where it is warm and cozy.

  6. Wow, I wish we had snow like that! Know what you mean about the bread, pretty sad! I hwas having my smug grin moment at my emergency packets of flour and yeast in the cupboard, just panic baking in our house ;-) x x

  7. Hi Carmen

    Just back from a Center Parcs weekend, loving your snowy pictures - you're now partaking in the rest of the countries weather woo hoo! Snow and bread - completely mad! What are people like - is it round the clock toast? My hubby saw someone in the supermarket the other day with 17 loaves - now does that not seem a tad extreme! Talking of extreme - how about making snow angels in your wet swimming costume? - I kid you not - the outdoor swimming pool at Center Parcs had people climbing out to do snow angels and having snowball fights! We didn't join in that bit - surprisingly - now back to reality which means trying to get the car out of the drive - mmmmm - I may be back in a short while LOL!

  8. Great snow pics! The whole of the Island comes to a complete standstill when it snows, the kids only went back today, I couldn't get to work last week as there were no buses and the company where my hubby works shut down untill friday, oh and when we finally got to tescos to do our shopping (we were out of everything as hadn't been since xmas)there were loads of people with their trolleys filled with bread! What do they do with it all, it goes stale in a couple of days..if anyone knows let me know!

  9. lol i'm soooo sorry you i featured that dandelion lamp before its available for sale. i try so hard to link to shopping sites always and look what i diddddd. i post the greatest thing on earth and its nowhere to be found. ugh forgive meeeeeee

  10. What no desk today Carmen ?
    your photos are chilly they make me shiver just looking at them ... the weathers much the same down here too
    keep warm Hugs Susie xx

  11. The goings on here are very simular...I live in a small town and we joke about it everytime the word "snow" is mentioned the folks around here get all crazy and buy out the stores of milk and bread...with the exception of my landlords add crackers to the list! LOL I'm clueless but.....okkkkk LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog

  12. Just a heads up that there will be a "Being Your" project post tomorrow on my blog. Come and see me and check it out :) {you signed up}

  13. Thank you for taking the time to stop by...Those pictures are lovely...The last quote on the blog page is one of mine, glad you liked it.x.


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