Yep in case you hadn't guessed the 'N' stands for What's NOT On Your Workdesk Wednesday. My desk is disgustingly clear of all crafting materials and just holds a cuppa and my Christmas list. Ruby and I are rocking it with Alice today as we do the Christmas shopping. She is now completely nekked after strutting round like Mick Jagger and stripping in time to Alice! I'm torn between being worried and being supremely proud!

Fear not crafting buddies, I'll be making my cracker for a Christmas Cracker swap later so I'll edit my post with a workdesk picture then.

In the meantime let me just say...

4 DAYS TO GOOOO! WHOOOOOO!I'll be popping by your desks later, I'll try and remember to turn the music down. If you want to play along and nosy at other peoples desks and creations in progress, make sure and link up with Julia so we can all find you too.


Tadaaaaa! No cracker I'm afraid. I've been sidetracked with wrapping parcels *mutter, mutter* Being a crafter, why don't I enjoy this more? Could it be the little helper trying to unwrap twice as fast as I'm wrapping while multitasking on my pc and trying to delete all my files? Just maybe :)


  1. Good luck with the christmas shopping. Look forward to catching up with you with news of what you bought :-) A x

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment...I don't need to say enjoy your self at the concert now do I(my sister would be going but her healths against her)x

  3. Am starting to share your excitement! Love it when a friend has something so fun to look forward to. I wish my desk was clear..I really do, and you won;t hear me say that too often!

  4. Erm, if she's nekked shopping, I hope it means your shopping on t'internet :O
    Have a fab time with Alice ;)
    Anne x

  5. Hi Darling missing your desk already !! lol
    Thanks for the tip on the reindeers I have my sand paper and ink out now ready for some altering while I'm waiting for my sausage rolls that are cooking in the oven
    Have fun shopping catch you next week
    Hugs Susie xx

  6. Sometimes it's nice to see a clear desk. lol I'm sure it will covered will all sorts of fun stuff soon enough!

  7. Carmen, just one question,
    where ya'll go shoppin undressed like that...nekked and all...hmm....
    and all i'm doin is restoring an ole coke machine, how boring is that

  8. Ah bless no desk today - you can't see mine for part done projects LOL! Hope the Christmas shopping is meandering along nicely! 4 days to Alice - coooooollllllllllll

  9. Ha ha ha kids eh? She's having fun so I'd say be proud. I'll be back later to check the mess! xx

  10. have fun with the christmas shopping!! i'm almost finished...... just 3 pressies left to buy. can't wait to see your christmas cracker xx

  11. So you're not a bit excited about going to see Alice then?

  12. nothing!!!? Perhaps you should take a photo to show us all what a tidy desk is supposed to look like!! ;-)

  13. OK .... so you are busy shopping and totally ore struck at the thought of seeing Alice but that is NO excuse not to snap the desk lol

  14. I just wanted to say have a fab time with Alice! I went to the dentist this morning and she said to me "Your teeth are alright but your gums have gotta go!!!!" Any idea who sings it?! Yep....I've got lots of vinyl of Alice....LOVE it. Toots for now, ~Glen~


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