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Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya Tomorrow...

... it's only a day aWAAAAAAYYYY!

I can't settle today. No use me trying. No way, no how. So thought I would post some random Alice bits I've made in the past in homage to the  man I'm going to see tomorrow. I've probably posted some of them before but tough I says! Have I mentioned that I'm going to see him tomorrow? I am you know. I really am!
Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper in Lyra Aqua Colour CrayonsWhoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper in Lyra Aqua Colour Crayons I made a set of three of these as a Christmas present for my sister one year, they turned out quite big and I ended up framing each one in an A4 frame. They were made with Lyra Aquacolour watercolour crayons. Love those things - so messy.
Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper ATC
This was the very first ATC I ever made. *blush* It went to a friend in a Secret Santa swap.
Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper ATC
Another ATC, made a year or so later. This one was made with watercolour crayons and some heat embossing.
Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Alice Cooper in Mixed MediaOne of my favourite things I've made. I've still not decided what it is yet. I had made it for a raffle and it ended up not going - that's the only time I've ever done that! Naughty, naughty. I did make something else to send - I'm not that bad.

I used a load of  distress inks, heat embossing, tons of watercolour crayons and the wings are rub-ons. This is what the ATC above was based on - bet you never would have guessed!

Have fun today, I am being forced to physically go Christmas shopping in an actual shopping center. Bah Humbug! I had done so well getting it all online so far!

Thank you as always for stopping by.

p.s Annie title in an Alice Cooper post? Are you impressed? I bet he would be :D


  1. Love your Alice pictures..........

  2. I will think of you tomorrow ...have fun ....and dont faint lol
    As for Xmas shopping .... I did it on-line but ventured out yesterday for a few extras ...I'm shattered and bought things i didnt need ... moral ...stay indoors !!!!!

  3. So thats what your avatar piccy is!!! I can see it clearly now, but before I thought it was a gothicy piccy of a skinny woman on a carousol ride, and wondered if it was based on yourself (**runs away blushing**)
    (**runs back**) hope you have a fab time hun (**pegs it again**)

  4. oh my stars those trading cards are fantastic!!
    Have the best time tomorrow. Thinking of you with your No.2 dream man.
    ps - you save those beautiful angels for your family. By the time you sent them all the way here, it would cost you a packet and I wouldn't get them until next year!!! we are so faaaaaarrrrrrr.
    nom nom nom

  5. lol You are too funny. I love your ATCs and cannot wait to hear all about your adventures seeing AC!

  6. Carmen - only a day you'll be counting down the hours as I type! Loving all your altered items from the fabulous paintings to the ATC's and I thought you said you weren't good at art - not from where I'm sitting hun - you're fabulous! Hope you have a fantastic time tomorrow



  7. Hope you have a great time tomorrow. Can't wait to read all about it.

  8. Have a totally fantasic time at the concert! amke sure you apply plenty of eye liner and take tons of photos!!!!!

  9. Have a brilliant time tonight Carmen! Great work too!


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