Merry Metal Christmas!

Good evening Bloggers :) I hope your festivities are coming along nicely and are not as panic laden as ours are becoming! I thought I would share an early pre-Christmas present I stumbled upon this evening that I thought some, if not all, of you might like :)

Simply click the image below to be taken to a link for a free download of the full album of Merry Metal Christmas :D Over 2 hours of music! Whoo! Enjoy!


  1. so when you say claires... we have a claires in the U.S. but its pretty pathetic lol. I wonder if its the same chain except better managed where you are.. I mean INCREDIBLY managed if their stuff compares to that Sweets & Co jewelry lol.

  2. Hi Hun

    If i get chance I'll download that later, I'm on catch up this morning and everyone I follow seems to have blogged last night LOL, so enjoying a cuppa and a blop before I ease myself into the day - 101 things to do but for the moment they can wait just a little bit longer. Frozen roads completely impassible where we are at the moment so DH has set off walking this morning, yesterdays journey to work equalled two buses and a tram in 3 hours - thankfully it was slightly faster returning home!

  3. Panic? Moi?!! Not at all! All the screaming and running in circles is just a form of exercise!!

  4. Wow, that's pretty awesome!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. DH is always on the look out for Christmas music... I think he may just like this a lot!! LOL
    I think the panic makes us get moving... well, I think it should... I haven't started to panic yet and I think I should be!!

  6. Panic? Who Me? Oh my god ... what am I doing talking to you ... I have sooooooooooo much to do!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year X


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