Google Giggle

Opened Google tonight and got a genuine, unexpected giggle. COOOOOKIES! Just thought I'd pass the smile on.


  1. I love this too :D me want cookies :D
    can't believe Sesame St is older than me :lol:

  2. I loved it too! At school, I always show the children if Google is something different that day - yesterday was Wallace and Gromit which they loved - and todays was even better!

  3. It's wonderful....those google people are so creative.

  4. aww how cute!! i love the cookie monster!!!

  5. laffed my a o, saw this earlier today as well, lets all eat some cookies now

  6. have you seen this mornings? it's Bert and Ernie :)

  7. i was laughing so much at the cookie monster one, my OH showed it me in the morning

  8. 40 years of Sesame Street - that is quite amazing!

  9. I think they always change the google sign on a daily basis.

  10. LOL I saw this, and Bert and Ernie yesterday. Cookie monster was always my fave though, him and Oscar...hmmm..messy, greedy and grumpy..what does that say about me?!!

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