Countdown is progressing...

This time next week the bucket of mascara and eyeliner will be being caked on in preperation for this man...
Isn't he pretty? We have amazing seats, thanks to me being a drooling member of the fan site, we got a weeks advance dibs on the tickets. So as soon as the lines opened good old sis, who had been camping out on the college computers - fighting off the crazed art students with her sharpened pencil - got front row seats on the balcony at Hammersmith Apollo! Wooohooo!

One week, one week, one weeeeeek to go!


  1. Is that bloke famous then??? Are you excited???
    I can tell we are gonna get absolutely no sense out of you aaaaaaaaall week ... and quite possibly next week too :0)

  2. I am sure I went to see the Beatles there in the 1960's was the Hamersmith Odeon then and I saw them at the Finsbury Park Odeon too.
    I am sure you are as excited as I was all those years back when !!!! I have heard that Alice is an AMAZING showman and performer so you should be in for one hell of a night...but you have to get through this week xx

  3. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

  4. How cool, those are awesome seats!

  5. He certainly knows how to put on a show...

  6. Ah babe - you're all excited about seeing him - never seen him in concert although love his music, he's supposed to be absolutely awesome live, a true showman - hope it's a fantastic night out for you! I agree with Linda - is there much hope of any sense out of you this week LOL!

  7. LOL have a great night Carmen

  8. You'll have a great time! I saw him in Dublin at Vicar Street, which is a tiny venue and our seats were front row on the balcony too, but the balcony overlapped the stage so it was like we were on the stage! It was a fantastic show and I'd love to see him again!

    Sheena xx

  9. WHo he then? Are you a fan?!!!!!Man, I'm so funny. We missed you today - at the CARD marathon - lunch lady Jan was sure you'd be there and we did chilli again. Yawn! Am excited for you about next week, I must say..


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