Labyrinth Film Swap - Received

I've just realised I haven't posted the goodies I received in the 80's Fantasy Film Swap that I was in. My partner in the swap was the lovely Megan of Maximum Rabbit Designs. When I opened my package I was greeted by these beautifully wrapped little parcels. Inside those beautiful little parcels was this handmade brooch - I love all the symbolism Megan has crammed in from the film here - just fantastic.
These are handmade cards which my photos really do not do justice to. They are going nowhere - I'm framing them.And in the package was a bag of Thornton's chocolates which disappeared pretty sharpish as you can imagine.

I've nearly finished my side of the swap. I've had some disasters with this one. My printer has severely hampered me and yesterday I broke some glass that was part of it and sliced my thumb and finger - my first proper crafting injury. When I say proper - there was blood, Craig had to leave the room. Moral of the story - if glass wont fit back into a tight fit, don't use a bare naked hand to apply pressure. *ahem* Happily though the solution to the accident... I actually prefer. So all's well that ends well. 

I'll post pictures next week once I know it's been received safely by Megan.

And lastly, an unexpected award from Bob If you haven't yet discovered Bob and his tales... I'm never quite sure how tall they exactly are, you are missing out on belly laughs a plenty ;) Go pay him a visit.
Thank you Bob *g* In graciously accepting this award and sparing you all a rambling acceptance speech I now have to pass it on and link to 10 other deserving bloggers. So here goes: 

1. Effie at Efemera Ink ~ I have yet to come away from her site without adding materials or books to my wish list. So inspiring she's off the scale. Love her work. 

2. Linda at A Crafting Journey ~ For pretty much the same reasons as Effie ;) 

3. Jo at Jo Blogs ~ Only recently discovered Jo which is surprising as I love everything she does. Especially with Stampotique stamps.

4. Ewa at Green Pixey ~ Another inspiring person and so lovely with it. Can't believe the creations she comes up with. What begins as an idea in your head becomes reality at her fingertips. 

5. Anne at Pretty ~ It's because of this blog my small inkling that I *might* want a Bind It All one day became an absolute NEED

6. Monica at The Happy Zombie ~ Now come on! You have to pay a visit for the blog name alone. This lady is one of the reasons I have to get my bum into gear and master that sewing machine. Every single post she has made since I discovered her is on order by my two eldest.  Plus she makes me laugh. Big, out loud, people looking at you strangely laughs. 

7. Virginia at Celtic House ~ Again I've only recently discovered Virginia but I love her style. Never afraid to share tips and how to's and her art journal is amazing.

8. Julia at Stamping Ground ~ One of the 2 Scrap Ladies. Bonkers, opinionated, gobby and probably one of the most talented, inspiring and nicest people you are ever likely to meet.

9. Ally at Serendipity Paper Cuts ~ For the exact same reason as Julia... though maybe the not so gobby, softer side.

10. Last but certainly not least, Nicole at Made by Nicole ~ What this girl does with Bombshell Stamps is unbelievable and there is always a gothic, rocked up twist to every creation. Just gorgeous. Nicole is going through a rough time health wise at the moment which makes it even more brain boggling what she is still creating. I'm constantly in awe.

*phew* Hard work choosing just 10. If you don't have time to click on all 10 please click on at one of the ones you may not have heard of, or click through to a favourite. You wont be disappointed.

Thanks as always for stopping by :)


  1. Thankyou so much xx

    Really kind of you Carmen :0)

    It looks like I have to go and make a cuppa as nearly all those blogs you mentioned are all new to me and so I neeeed to check them all out! Excellent! Always looking for an excuse to blog hop lol

  2. Congrats to you , and to all you pick, I know they are all great bloggers, and will read each blog.
    Most of my antics are some how or other partially true, and partially not, but if I can help any one laff coz of sumthin I done, I luv it.

  3. Oh my I am so surprised and touched by your lovely words ... I would just like to add a few of me own ...

    Thank you to my parents ... without whom this award would not have been possible ... Thank you to my long suffering and excellent housekeeping partner John for all his home cooked meals, cleaning and encouragement ... Thank you to my children for spending all of my money for so long that when I finally became able to afford crafty stash I had decades of pent up creativity ... Thank you to my dog Athena for just being booful and last but by no means least Thank you to my Psychiatrist, my therapist, my chiropodist, my dentist, my hairdresser and finally ...

    Carmen ... right back at ya hunny ... for always making me larf XXX

  4. Oooh Carmen thank you so much for the award, just catching up on blogs following my bout of swine flu, so not done much crafting this week but hopefully normal service will resume shortly. I love your style Carmen, whenever I look my hubby will say whose that? to which I reply you know Carmen, the one whose into Alice Cooper and then he says - yeah the one with the ducks! I think it was the first thing we saw on your blog! LOL

  5. Congratulations! I think I'm with Jo on the cuppa and blog hopping!

  6. Oh Lord, how much time have I erm...spent looking throught these fab blogs. Thank you for the award, your comments touched me at the heart of my botttom.

  7. Wow, the labyrinth cards you had in the swap looks fantastic. I'm soooo envious, I wish I'd taken part now :)

    Thank you for the blog award and the kind words x

  8. Carmen... I am speechless... and blushing! You are too, too, too kind!


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