WOY(brand new and shiny)WW

Good morning WOYWWers. I'm afraid this post is rather long and picture heavy... but let me just say... *squeak* It's up!
Look at all this glorious space to work on...Craig has been my hero this week. He's decorated the back room. He dropped that big desk top on his foot! (He said "ouch!" or words very similar to that effect. Ahem!) He's assembled my desk more or less on his own, well he might have been better on his own for all the help I was. 

And he is even going to give up his pride and joy - the dining table - because my desk is so big we can no longer get round it. I even had to take these pictures sitting on the table as there is literally no room now. I swear it didn't look so big in the mahoosive Ikea store. Oops. So we are on the hunt for a smaller, perhaps drop down table. This is a very big thing. I think I have mentioned before how possessive Craig is of the table and how it must always be craft/art free so he can polish it every night....giving up your table so your girlfriend can have an ENORMOUS work desk.
But he wasn't completely unhelped in assembling said wonderous desk, oh no. Allow me to introduce Lucy :)She was fascinated by it all but kept getting her nose just a *little* bit to close.
Answers to some questions I've had -  

The wire pigeon on top of my printer - this was a present I had made for Craig last Christmas by Sparkflight, a super talented Etsy seller. She fashioned it completely from a photo of one of Craigs Dark Assasins (one of his fastest pigeons that he was breeding at the time) and it actually has one of his racing rings on it's leg. So far it's been stuck on my craft shelves out of Rubys reach - now we can finally enjoy it :)

The large picture is of my Mum, all my sisters and me. It was the first time we had all been together in the same place in decades, four of us live locally but one of my sisters lives in Scotland and one in Canada. It was also the last time together before Mum passed away.

Last WOYWW I was asked what this egg was on my shelves.This was my Christmas present from one of my sisters last year. It's a porcelain/china money box. I save my £1 a day towards art stash in it... usually to spend at Alexandra Palace but I have been known to break in when needs must.

So. Now I have to get my bum into gear and finish tidying my shelves and then I can PLAY!
Cup of tea first and a visit to all your workdesks ;) See you soon.


  1. I am soooooo excited for you ... what a fabulous space ... Craig is a star * ... Lucy is a darling cutie pie ... and I am loving the egg money box! And you have taken me back a few years too ... I had a Love is sticker album!
    A great post X

  2. lovely desk, if it's like mine though it's not going to be tidy very long !

  3. I lOVE it - well done lovely Craig, and what a sacrifice, we're deeply impressed. Oh space and somewhere to put stuff and organise bits and oh, pretty soon it'll look like mine! Don't show Craig!!

  4. Oooh! Lovely desk, and may I say, I love Lucy! LOL
    K x

  5. Congrats on the new clean space! Lucy is too cute!

  6. Bless him , giving up his tabe for little you .. tell him we all LOVE him. what a man hey!

    fab work space though , well worth the pain he is feeling , lol

  7. wow your desk looks great, gotta love the little helpers, I have a few here too..lol

  8. Congratulations on having such a nice work space - and such a nice boyfriend.

    Your dog is absolutely adorable.

  9. What a great craft space! Lovely partner!!

  10. That is soooo tidy! will it stay that way?

  11. WOW!!!! MasWhoosieve Well done to Craig!
    Come on then lets see all your yummy crafting stash ;) only joking :) your craft desk is lovely (and I have the same mouse/glass desk issue!)it will be so nice for you to sit down somewhere you know is all yours and create! please do have a go at a Nojo in a jar she is there to inspire!

  12. Wow !!! your desk and room looks fantastic I bet you are thrilled with it
    Thank for showing us your egg, I thinking thats a fab idea to save like that and for such a great cause ....Crafting
    Hugs Susie xx

  13. oooh lovely new desk - can't wait for next week now to see it all messed up and looking like a proper workdesk! lol

  14. I know exactly what you mean about the desk size as I have the exact same one and was shocked when it was put together!! Mine is soooo much messier than that. I'm not at home to take a pic of it this week.
    Love the fact that Lucy helped out!! xx

  15. Loving the new desk space and crafting area, will it look as great this time next week?

  16. OMG......WOW ......So cool ...... so tidy ...for now lol

    Love the egg and saving money idea ...does it stop you eating chocolate too ????

  17. I havent seen a Love Is in a long time. I do enjoy them, they bring back good memories.

    Such a nice clean space, you must feel inspired.

  18. Enjoy messing up your new desk ;) I have a separate unit for my computer so more craft workspace to make more mess LOL
    Anne x


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