Happy What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday once again. Doesn't it come around quickly? We are on the coffee table today - please try to ignore the cleverly patched up with gaffer tape carpet if you will. Someone sucked half the carpet up with the hoover I wont say who but will say I'm banned from using the hoover any-more. Ho hum!
So, apart from a small child, we have 9 ATC's for the Fiskarettes Fruity ATC swap. Hoping to get them finished today and sent tomorrow. I'm cheerfully butchering some foam butterflies and dragonflies to produce fruit... as you do. Ruby is busy rescuing butterflies and dragonflies and sticking them to a photo of herself and also all over her body, it's very fetching. I keep meaning to upload these piccies. Look what I spotted in Hastings at the weekend.
I just had to snap it - I can well imagine a certain someone pootling around in this car :D I hope you like it Paige ;)

Edited to add: On another note - I think I am going to have to password my pc. I've lost yesterdays blog post - that's twice this has happened I think it might be where a certain little person is allowed to play on the keys of my keyboard, I know she uninstalled stuff for me before... I really can't be bothered to retype it all again (it was a bit of a waffler and not really a craft post) but I will just say thank you to everyone that holds giveaways/competitions, you're generosity and a little bit of luck in my direction has left my nearly depleted stash supplies looking more healthy than ever this month. I am now able to get a little luxury item (am erring towards a Bind It All) at Ally Pally instead of just replenishing my paper/cardstock and embellies. Thank you :)

Here is a fun little giveaway I found yesterday. A splash proof copy of Kathy Lettes new book that you can read in the bath.

Rightyho - back to it and then I can have a wander round your workdesks with a cuppa or three later. Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. How on earth did you manage to hoover the carpet up? Your hoover must be immensley powerful.

    I won some ATC cards at my scrap day and I am looking forward to making them. I have never made any before.

    Well done on your wins. I need to enter more comps on line and need to find a balance between my scrapping and my reading. I wish I had time to write two blogs.

    There is a huge gang of us going to Ally Pally and I am so excited. I was thinking about a bind it all too. My friend Anne over at Pretty as one and she has made some beautiful mini books using it.

  2. Yep it's totally her fault I want one now :D

  3. Great WOYWW pics Carmen - love to see Ruby busy sticking..looks like she's intent on the Cropadile too. Post a pic of your 'altered' butterflies won't you?
    Love that LadyBug car, how cool.

  4. Bless Ruby ... I read and enjoyed yesterdays post ... so it was n't all wasted :0) I could n't be without my BIA ... I love love love it!

    Great idea with the hoover ... I must try it ... What am I saying? ... OH does all the hoovering *LOL*

  5. aww look at herrrrrrrrr, awwwwwww.

    sorry, all broody there for a moment lol

    Like your coffee table too :0)

    I've seen that ladybird car a bit further along the coast from Hastings towards Brighton near us...or maybe theres more than one?

  6. Ruby looks like she's having a wonderful; time there with your crafty bits. she'll be scrapping and blogging soon :) the car is great!!!! i love it!!! There is a KA very similar on the island and I often think I might have to car jack it.

  7. Ruby is just a very young scrapper in training! She will be on 12 by 12 by the time she is 5 lol.


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