The Things I Say

This is a page I finished late last night and I'm happy with it. Actually I love it. I even left a bit of spare space in the top corner - do you see? I'm itching to add more to it but don't want to do overkill. I'm terrible for that - "ooh a bit of space, cover, glue, slap on some more and then a bit more just to be sure." I don't know when to stop so have taken to consulting Craig who is honest to the point that you want to punch him But I do, I like this one even with the space.
Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - The Things I Say - Toddler Scrapbook Page - WordleRuby is saying more and more lately, something new everyday so I wanted to get it down and the wordle cloud seemed perfect as opposed to just doing a list.

Materials used:

  • Bazzill Cardstock
  • A wordle cloud
  • Sassafras papers, stickers and alphas
  • The deer is cut from a piece of fabric from a Kenner Road kit
  • Leonardo Da Vinci bookmark - bit random but I thought it looked 'motherly' it's probably something completely opposite.
  • Oh and not forgetting the Cropadile - for the holes all round the wordle cloud and the mask underneath it all. That's another thing that once you start, it's hard to stop. My floor looked like it had been snowing ;)

Just off topic a bit now. Does anyone know a polite way to end a blog post? I always sit here for a few minutes wondering how to sign off. It feels rude to just list my materials and go as it's like being in conversation with someone and just walking away without saying goodbye - other people seem to have it so down pat and I'm not a natural conversationalist at all.
So yes - any ettiquette tips would be nice please :)

 Thank you, ciao for now!


  1. I can see why you like the page - it's great. Nice and lively.

  2. It is gorgeous. I really wish I had started scrapping when the girls will little. I love the word cloud and what you did with your cropadile. I am presently planning out my scrappages for Scrap club on Saturday, so quite excited to be getting back into it.

    I always find it difficult to end post. I go from TTFN to Thanks for stopping by. It is difficult - you almost need your own signature ending.

  3. Fab page ... Love the wordle cloud!

    A polite way to end a blog post??? ... You can tell from my blog that I don't have a clue :0)

  4. Gorgeous page, jsut love it. What a cutie Ruby is. As for etiquette - no idea! Helpful!!

  5. I love it, never seen Wordle on a scrapbook page, it looks brilliant!!! x

  6. Such a cute photo and the LO compliments it so well.
    As for signing off ... think about what you say ( or do ) when you leave a friend ... I say Take Care so that is what I use on my blog ... it could be anything you are comfortable with eg soon .... mind how you go .....Bye Now ... ''Hugs'' etc ...hope that helped xx

  7. What a great why to use a Wordle! Inspired!!!!! a polite way to close?????? Dunno! I just stop ;)

  8. Meant to say :) Pleased you liked the stash hope that you and your lovely girlies enjoy it. :)

  9. Really love the wordle..... I haven't figured out how to print one out yet :-) and well done on leaving the dreaded *white space* LOL

  10. Gorgeous page, I love,love the wordle cloud. I am crap at writing stuff, I just post pics and run lol

  11. beautiful page Carmen. leave that space alone, it is perfect as it is.

  12. Lovely LO :-)
    Erm, i know exactly what you mean about rounding up an entry. I sit for a while and end just putting a "x". I don't think you have much trouble....ciao for now is good enough :)

  13. This is so beautiful! I want to start doing scrapbooking as I keep finding a ton of pics since we moved! Will def. be popping back here for inspiration!

    As for ending posts...I usually do either 'Hugs' or 'Take Care' - hope that helps!


  14. Congratulations for being on UKS home page .... I also just checked out the Fiskarettes banner thankyou xxx

  15. What an absolutely gorgeous page. Mind you, you can't go wrong with a little model like this can you :0)
    Re ending a post, you could always tell a joke like on The Vicar of Dibley ... lol... :0)

  16. This is a great LO!
    Usually I say: thanks for looking or thanks for your time... dunno... i'm the same, never really know what to say...

  17. I love that Picture of Ruby, so cute!!


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