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Craig's pulled an all day fishing expo today, so us girlies decided to have a DVD sesh. They borrowed Mall Cop from their Grandad and earlier in the week the collectors edition of Labyrinth accidentally fell into my shopping basket. Well I have worn out my two video copies and at £3.99 it would have been criminal not to. It would!

So we've been pigging out on popcorn and jaffa cakes and in the interval between films we had chip butties too. I can hear my diet sobbing in the corner as I type.

I was surprised how much I laughed at Mall Cop and I was so pleased at how much the girls enjoyed Labyrinth. I haven't been able to brainwash them with it since our video player packed up but now I have it on DVD it's a different story. Plus I had to ogle the Goblin King (David Bowie) in the name of research for my 80's Fantasy Swap, had to be done. Totally selfless.
The film also made me wonder if it's wrong that I still have the same crush that I had when I was my daughters age?
I was only around 12 or 13 when I first saw the film one Christmas. I can vividly remember lounging on my Mum & Dad's bed watching it on the portable with my sister, stunned into silence the pair of us. The smells of Mums baking wafting up the stairs... utter bliss. And there he was, my first crush, I fell BAD! I still think he's scrumptious! I dunno - I think I must just have a thing for men in make-up and tight trousers!

And Sarah's shirt. What can I say? For years I have coveted that shirt, every time the romantic look comes back in I'm down the shops scouring for one remotely similar but have yet to find one that matches it. I still love and adore it.
The Princess Bride also has the same nostalgic effect and both films hold joint favourite position at the top in my all time favourite films list. But I have to say I didn't have a crush on The Dread Pirate Roberts. What about you? is there that one film that can instantly take you back to being a child? Do you still hold a candle to a crush from way back when?

Have fun with whatever you are up to today - thanks for stopping by  :)


  1. It was a selfless act. And I'm sure you will be rewarded with a l o n g commentary on a day's fishing. Food at your place sounds good, but the movie are not my faves..I dunno if I can admit this too publicly...I'm a romantic comedy or corset costume drama gal. Love a good laugh. Fantasy is my DDs department, I wonder if she'll enjoy the Bowie boy...must make her watch it!

  2. Snap!!!! I bought Labyrinth on wednesdya at Tesco for £4, I had a lovely morning Thursday (before a 2pm work start) crafting and watching Jarrad............... Oh how I lust after the Goblin king!!!! I still fancy him as much now as I did when I was 14, so you are not alone in that!!!

  3. I loved Labryinth when I saw it. I thought Bowie was cute then, and when I watched it years later with my youngest daughter, she thought he was just the coolest looking guy ever. And as for the eldest daughter, who's 28 now, wanted that shirt more than anything!!

  4. Carmen, I still have the same crushes as I did as a teenager. Only now they have matured gracefully with age and are still hot. Patrick Dempsey, Simon Baker, Luke Perry and Julian McMahon.

    I haven't read The Friday Night Knitting Club yet, so I wouldn't have been able to tell you about the ending. Can you tell me about thought, so I won't get caught out like you did.LOL.

    Sounds like you had a duvet day! I am nursing a hangover today and my daughter is insisting we clean her room. I can only cope with it in small doses.

  5. This post takes me back ... not to when I was young ... but when my children were and we would rearrange the furniture and pretend we were at the cinema watching back to back movies :0)

    My first crush was Robert Wagner in Hart to Hart ... boy did I want to live in the house with him and have a dog called Freeway!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog, the only photos that are mine are family or drawing ones the others are for all to share...

  7. Hehe
    Oh "Gobin king, goblin king, whereever you may be take this child of mine far away from me...."

    I loved that film and can still recite it word for word lol!!!!! (songs too)

    Oh and the princess bride, my sons watch that now - dont you just love the ROUS'S!!! HEHE


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