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Craig has finally come out with it. He doesn't know what I want a Bind It All for when I'm a scrapbooker and he isn't that keen on my artsy fartsy pages. I keep trying to explain that I'm a crafter not 'just' a scrapbooker but Craig, he loves his pigeon holes and labels. They do my nut in! He thinks I might be trying to stretch myself to thin with the wanting to learn to sew, knit and crochet as well as paper craft... and maybe, just maybe start drawing again. Me... I think that when they didn't give us the choice of Home Ec. at school they took away a whole other path I might have gone down. I want to correct that mistake now... maybe eventually go back to college and do a textiles or art course. I say it's like Craig only keeping one breed of bird or going after one type of fish when he's on one of his expo's. I think he sort of sees where I'm coming from... I think...

Anyway, I asked him what one of my pages did he love then and he said (surprisingly) my early ones, before I had any pretty paper. In fact his favourite was the 2nd page I ever did.This was possibly the quickest page I've done, and I got the quote wrong. I had no patterned paper and only one Sakura pen. But Craig loves it and I must admit I do too. He says it's all about the day not the patterned paper behind it.

So it's got me thinking. I'm going to try and do some pages this week that are about the photos, go back to where I started and see what happens. I'm never happy with my pages lately - maybe it's because I've been drawn in by the papers and forgotten it's actually supposed to be about the photos. The papers are supposed to enhance not take over... for me anyway. We'll see.

As for the rest of it and the stretching myself to thin - I think we'll have to agree to disagree on that one.

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  1. Firstly ...I wet myself over the comment re angels ...problem is I can picture us doing it LOL.

    I think you are a little like me ... you want to know how ...once that has been accomplished there is no need to take it futher BUT if you love it too then it becomes a much loved hobby.

    I do love that LO too and I do agree that papers and arty bit can detract from the story and the pictures but it depends on why a person scraps. Some only scrap as an expression of their art and there just happens to be a photo. I have said this else where on blogs so sorry for repeating myself. I think I take so long to do a simple LO because I want to complement and be sympathitic to, the photo and when possible ...tell a story ...with or without words.

    My turn to ramble lol xx

  2. My hubby never complains about my scrapbooking or my reading, as fishing takes over his life. So we have both agreed to let the other one enjoy what they do. I think you should go for the other crafts too. I actually do cross stitch too and I did start to learn crocheting which is something I do hope to go back to.

  3. Hi CArmen,

    thanks for posting a comment on my ARTastic blog = http://artasticchallengeblog.blogspot.com/

    Come join in some fun and leave some of your art inspiration for all of us to enjoy :) International scrappers welcome....

  4. I am so with you on this one. When I started scrapping, my pages were a lot like this one: full of pictures, story and sentiment. Then when I got into "scrapbooking" (being online, forums, blog, etc blah blah blah) all of a sudden I felt pressure to do one picture layouts full of die cuts, stamps and brads. It totally turned into focusing on the layout and not even caring what picture went on it. Kinda defeats the whole purpose of scrapbooking, eh? lol Now I'm a year behind scrapping my pics when I would usually be ahead of the game.

    So I'm with you! I'm going to go back to scrapping for picture's sake and will fancy it up if I feel like it. Thanks for the inspiration and yes, you can never learn too many crafts. lol

  5. You stretch yourself as thin as you like ... I love that LO too ... can see why it is so popular in your household ... was hoping to get a look at the purple hair today ... Maybe later ... right????

  6. Aha, I can hear my friend Jay saying the same - it's got to be about the pictures of the day or there's no point. I do agree. But I like the papers too..I guess findin gyour paper style is about making it all look yummy to you. And yeah, we wanna see your hair.

  7. I agree with Maggie's comment above that when I started scrapping, each page was about the photos (many) and the story behind them. since joining online forums and seeing others work I felt the presure (purely from me) to change my style and become a more fashionable scrapper using all the new trend products about. I feel the need to return to a simpler and a cheaper way of scrapping. I'm not saying my product purchasing will change (can't promise that) but I think my LO's are often more about paper these day's than the photo and for me that's a little sad.
    I love your feed the birds LO (how is that quote wrong?)Yes I do store all my embossing powders in those plastic pots rather than the mini pots they come in :) Thanks for the comments :) and your hair colour is FAB............. Ramble.... Ramble.......rabble........ my turn to ramble now :)

  8. I think this layout works so well because you had loads of brilliant photos, and we know how much Craig loves his birds lol.


    Did you see the monster sized duck in Japan (Ithink) in a harbour, it was int he newspaper a couple of days ago, I thought of you. Debbie x

  9. Take it from me girlie - your hair looks fab ... the picture of you smiling is lovely XXX

  10. Aawwww look at you! You are gorgeous. I love your hair colour!

    The layout looks wonderful. Something about the orange with the gate in the photo and the round photo at the top....it all works so well.

    You know I used to scrap in a very simple style, then I felt like I had to have the kitchen sick hanging from my page. Now I like my simple pages again and am more confident now with scrapbooking to be able to say - nope - that's my style.

    PS - Tim Tams are the best chocolate biscuits ever (well I think anyway). You bite the ends off and suck your hot drink through and it is delicious. Sounds disgusting, but it so isn't.

  11. Thanks for the link Carmen. Don't know how I missed this post, but anyway, I'm glad to see some like-minded people comment about getting back to the photos to tell the story! I see other peoples' pages full of techniques and embellishments and they look gorgeous, but still something makes me want to scrap about the story behind the photo and forget the showmanship.
    Your LO is absolutely perfect. Lovely colours, interesting photos and a good title. All anyone really needs to make an artistic page!


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