Carmen Miranda ATC - Ay Carumba!

These ATC's are for a swap over on the Fiskarettes blog, the theme was fruit. The first thing that jumped to mind was Carmen Miranda... well she is my namesake after all. No, honestly, she is. My parents really thought they were comedians!

Have you ever started something and it's not gone right so done more to make it better and still not liked it so done more and more getting ever more desperate each time? That's these ATC's for me. I'm almost embarrassed to send them off but am already so late in sending. I really loved them when I went to bed last night but when I got up this morning I was just: Aaaargh! 

This picture includes some mutilated butterflies and dragonflies (just for you Julia) which I made the 'fruit' with using the Cropadile.

Fluorescent markers were used for the neon backgrounds. They looked amazing when wet but look patchy now they are dry. I hope the other girls in the swap aren't to disappointed. What would you do? Would you send them?

I'm hoping by the time one of them comes home with the other ATC's I will be back to loving it again...

Ay Carumba! Indeed.


  1. I think you have done justice to your namesake and I think they are really fun. What patience to stick on all those foam fruits ... not forgetting dexterity.
    Yes I do know what you mean about the state of a project when everything gets desperate ... I usually take it apart or hide it somewhere lol ... but I have seen DD totally rip up a LO frustration.

  2. When I get a swap back ... I always look at the overall swap but I also know the time and trouble someone has gone to to make it! ... Get them sent ... from what I can see they are beautiful ... fun ... original and you have spent a lot of time on them ... No one will be disappointed ... trust me!
    Just remember you are not sure because they differ from the picture in your head ... well we can't see that picture ... so the ATCs look perfect X

  3. Your parents really gave you the middle name of Miranda. I have always liked the name Miranda.

    I think your ATC's are fabulous and you must send them off.

  4. you ATC's look great!!!! I love the colours really Zingy! FAB fruit!!! I love that your parents called you Carmen Miranda fabulous!!!!! I know how character building an unusual name can be "Paige Drackett-Case" Hated it then but LOVE it now!!!! :)

  5. SEND THEM. They are great and really - just show what an artist you are. Am sickened by my joy at your inspiring mutilation - such a good way to get fruit!!
    I must say, you and Paige..I'm missing out with a plain name...another symptom of middle child syndrome??!!

  6. I think they look fantastic! They will not be sad with these at all.
    You are one clever lady.

  7. I think these are fabulous! I love Carmen Miranda, you have the best name ever! (I was named after Rod Stewart's "Maggie May" lol) I think you'll come to love them again, what a great interpretation of a fruit theme!

  8. Carmen, there's a whole lot of work that goes into one of your ATC's, I know I've swapped with you on MSE. These are gorgeous and perfect for your theme. We are always our own worst critic.

  9. I love them, love the colours, the fruit are gorgeous!

  10. Well I am in the swap and now I have seen yours I can't wait to receive it.

    Now desperately worrying that mine are too boring and drab :0


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