Wildlife by Tesco

Isn't is amazing what you can get at Tescos these days? This was their carpark today.

There were literally hundreds of butterflies - though the white ones wouldn't stay still long enough to get a piccie.

Craig went fishing at 3am this morning. I'm saying nothing... but a certain Dizzee Rascal song springs to mind. These are the pictures he took at sunrise. Aren't they lovely?

Thank you for stopping by today :)


  1. Great great great shots!!! absolutely love them!

  2. Great photos! Tesco carpark!! renamed "minibeast wonderland!!!" loving the bugs :) I had to go there as well this morning and I can assure you there was nuffkin!!! so pretty to look at in the car park of my store. As for the book thief. I have found it really slow going. I am well over half way through it but I just don't seem to "get it" and it's not been an enjoyable read for me.

  3. Glad I found your blog. Love the pictures.

  4. My hubby left at 4am yesterday to go fishing. I thought I was the only fishing widow! I am impressed by Tesco's - are you sure you are not tricking us and you went to a butterfly garden.

  5. Lovely pics..we have a purple butterfly tree in the garden - smells heavenly and is a joy to watch as the butterflies frolic. I remember the thrill of a ladybird on your finger. And I like Craig's sunrise, but I can't think of a single reason why I would have a need to rise from my bed at 3am and take such pics. Oh - one. To catch a flight to far flung shores to photo the sunSETS.

  6. All great shots there Carmen! I was wildlife shooting yesterday too. Will put some up later.

  7. Wow, fab photos! Wish we had such delights in our Tesco carpark. Yes, 3am is *bonkers* however lovely the sunset.


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