Rubber Duckie, Rubber Duckie...

I always think of Sesame Street when I think of Rubber Duckies ;)

I'm just uploading the rubber duckies I did for a UKScrappers swap a while back to show Angie. Mine were Alice Cooper themed of course. I think I ended up doing 5 in all because we had to do 4 for the swap (3 to send and 1 to keep yourself) and then I promised another friend she could have an Alice duckie too. The ones I sent off turned out slighter deeper red than these just due to differing times I made them so the mixes of paint were different.

To make Alice I got a box of duckies from the ELC. I painted him in red acrylic paint and made up a solution of pre-mixed silver poster paint, pva glue and water.

I layered torn up silver tissue paper and strips of Marah Johnson Rockstar scrapbook paper over his body (making sure I cut out his guitar first) using my sparkly silver pva solution and set him aside to dry. I added some bat punchouts and some all important eyeliner using a Sharpie marker. I then gave him a couple of coats of sealant and added his pretty black bow once he was nice and dry again :)
Carmen Wing - Whoopidooings - Altered Rubber Ducks
The duckie I'm doing at the moment. Well. Lets just say he and I are having issues. He's already gone through 3 transformations and I'm still not happy. I'm wondering whether to just give in gracefully and do him as another incarnation of Alice. I know, I know. I'm obsessed!


  1. Thanks for that Carmen ... The ducks have now been rescued and the three crafters who live here have adopted one each. We are all waiting for inspiration. Will let you see the results. xx

  2. I don't know how I have missed these all this time! these are my fave! I love them!!


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