Tattoo Duckie

MWAAAHAAAAHAAA! Who's laughing now? I shut the duck up with 3 layers of loo roll and a pva/water solution. I think I got the ratio wrong as it took a day and a half to dry. But we got there in the end. I actually did it to give some texture and I do quite like the effect.

Once dry I painted Duckie in my purple So Soft Fabric Paint which is quite shimmery and lovely. I then added some Marah Johnson rub-ons all over and added about 3 layers of sealant - those suckers are never coming off ;)

I then added some Papermania bling eye detail, some Sharpie lippy and a ribbon choker complete with black brad clasp :) I have realised why Duckie and I were having such issues. I have been saying 'him, he' and quite obviously Tattoo (as she is now known) is a gorgeous girl. Tsk. I would get the hump too. So we have kissed and made up now. I do hope her recipient loves her as much as I do.

Saying an emotional goodbye to Alice duckie...


  1. ooh she is pretty!!!! well done on your duckie. check mine out on my blog! i have just started another one that i did with newspaper and PVA and she took a good 24 hours to dry (well the 2nd layer did), i dried the first layer with a hairdryer :D hehe this duck altering is fun.

  2. She is so cute ...didnt realize you ducks were so didy. Still waiting for inspiration for mine !!!

  3. so cute! Thanks for hopping over to my blog!!

  4. Oh lovely Carmen...I always knew you were a little bit mad. I think you just proved it :lol:

  5. *g* I take that as a great compliment Julie :D

  6. How cool she is! Well done for not letting her get the better of you!!

  7. i am so in love with the ducks, they are gorgeous


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