Team Green Britain Billboards

Aren't there some lovely billboards and advertising around at the moment? I'm loving this one that's just gone up in my local town. Craig thought I was a right loon for pulling over in the truck stop to take a piccie this morning. It's advertising from this campaign to get Britain greener. Some lovely images on their site too - want those boots!
Have you seen any inspiring advertising or pictures/blogs? I'd love to see them. Feel free to stick some links in my comments :)


  1. It's great isn't it. We saw an advert featuring this on TV last night and my DD immediately commented that I probaly want that flag! Too right!

  2. Great advert. We don't have many billboards in Sussex. I shall look out for some adverts now though. The above design would make a great scrappage layout.

  3. Where is your Work desk pic .....are you not joining us on a wednesday?

  4. I have to agree, that is a fabby billboard, love the design and I agree with scrapgirl it would make a brilliant layout. Jay xx

  5. great advert! I tried googling it yesterday when I saw your post on UKS but couldn't find it. so thank you for pulling over to take a photo :)


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