WOYWW - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 496

TL;DR: Short version if you just want to scroll the piccies - Cyanotype experiments at home on a cloudy day & also using my lightbox. Oh, and a bath full of beachy treasure.

Hello everyone - I'm late posting but decided to play anyway. I've been experimenting with cyanotype at home - not the best results because ever since I took delivery of the solutions it's been nothing but cloudy days!

All the tutorials I watched talked about contact printing frames - I googled them. They are really expensive. So in this first picture I have compromised with just a normal photo frame and some craft foam in the back to cushion everything then just laid it on my shed roof.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Experiments with Cyanotype on a Cloudy Day
This next one wouldn't fit in my frame and I'm glad I took that second picture because when I washed all the chemicals off it washed the image away too! Totally white page! That's what I was left with! Couldn't believe it! 
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Experiments with Cyanotype on a Cloudy Day
Next is my set up in the living room, using my light box on it's highest setting and weighting everything down with whatever was to hand - so professional! Did work - had to leave stuff in there for a couple of hours but did work.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Experiments with Cyanotype Using a Light Box
So at the moment I am having most success at uni - with their ginormous light box that has a suction lid to hold everything to the light. I think when the sun comes back I will have much more success at home. I love cyanotype and wanted to make sure I could do it at home - I didn't want to fall in love with a technique and then not be able to do it when I leave uni. So I shall keep experimenting.

These next ones are what I did at uni - I'm doing a project about swamp monsters/mermaids. Trying to get an underwater feel. 
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Experiments with Cyanotype
These ones are experimenting with cyanotyping over acrylic paint - I really like the effect. - Julia do you recognise the base of the first two? It's one of the calendar pages from that years ago workshop cut in half. How's that for hoarding and recycling?
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Experiments with Cyanotype and Acrylic Paint
And here is the view of my bath. I've been beach combing to find treasures my swampie might have collected. The kids have given up asking what is going on now :)
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Beach Combed Treasures in the Bath Tub
So that's what's going on in my work areas at home this week - if you'd like to see other work spaces in action why not follow me over to Julia's where you'll find a list to nosy through - maybe even join in yourself.
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What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - WOYWW 493

Late post but I remembered! I mean to play along every week and then it's Friday and I realise it's whizzed past. Today I took a picture and am determined to post it.

Hello fellow desk hoppers - here's my desk out in the workshop today. I had actually made a halfhearted attempt to tidy it a bit before the piccy but - it was a futile exercise! If you could see my house. I'm shaking my head as I type this - the desk pretty much represents it.
Whoopidodooings: Carmen Wing - WOYWW What's On My Workdesk Wednesday
I dusted off the meltpot this week - I don't think I have used it in years. I went to the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace in October (which was AMAZING!) and one of the artists, Jenny O'Leary, had loads of gorgeous tissue paper examples in her sketchbook that had involved bleach with wax resists so I just had to have a play. Don't think I did it quite right but had fun trying and my attempts have filled a few pages in my uni journal - I am going to have a go at finding images within those images later.

I am going to keep this short so I can hop around a few of the desks over at Stamping Ground. A quick question though. I know I have a few very loyal people that still keep up with my very sporadic posts (thank you, thank you, thank you) and I have a question. I have started blogging my uni work over at the other blog. The tutors said we could blog our reflections which was a godsend for me as I am awful at the writing part of my journal - I just stick in the pictures and expect them to read my mind. Apparently they can't do that. So to up my marks on that side of things I am waffling away over there but don't want them to have to sift through everything else and that's why it's separated from here.  My question is - I get people asking what I'm up to so would people like me to double post here or would you like a link to there or just post here as and when I have time? If you are interested its: Carmenwing.blogspot.co.uk  The writing is a bit (not much) more formal than I do here. My latest project is to write, illustrate and publish a book in 9 weeks. Arg.

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What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday - WOYWW 483

Hello desk watchers. Two weeks running! Woohoo! Not much change from last week - I was away at the weekend (Mister Finch exhibit at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park - SO good!) And my back has been playing me up since I've been home so am doing mostly computer work and printing at the moment.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Jenny Blair Stitch Sampler
The embroidery hoop is a stitch sampler from Jenny Blair Kits - I've signed up to an Adult Ed class in mixed media textiles and figured I better learn some stitches before I start. This was a great kit - I deliberately picked the Autumn leaves - my favourite time of year. The instructions were really clear and I was surprised how calming it was to just sit and sew... and of course I can do it on the sofa! It was plain sailing till I got to those french knots - somehow there are more on the back than there are on the front! How? But I am chuffed with the results and it's confirmed that I definitely want to add textiles into my illustration work. Really excited for the course to begin - just after uni starts. I can tie it in with that surely.

Anyhoo - the kit was on my desk as I was gluing the edges to the inside of the hoop with the aid of those pegs above my desk. I had left it there to dry while I was away.  I'm sure there must be a better way to tidy up the back? (Yup that's a question - any hints, tips appreciated.)  But for now - I'm considering this my textiles start point.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Jenny Blair Stitch Sampler
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What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 482

Hello everyone. Please excuse the late posting - I fully intend to take part in WOYWW every week and then I realise it's shot past and I've missed it. I'm determined to try and post more regularly though. I'm coming up to the second year of my degree and would like to document it for my future forgetful self so need to get into the habit of blogging again.
Carmen Wing: Messy What's On My Work Desk Wednesday - Messy Work Space Artists Studio
Carmen Wing: Messy What's On My Work Desk Wednesday - Messy Work Space Artists Studio
Little bit later...
Carmen Wing: Messy What's On My Work Desk Wednesday - Organised  Work Space Artists Studio
When I could stand the mess no longer...
Please excuse the censored bits. It's something I'm working on for a friend and she said it would be a gift for someone. That thing that looks like an Amazon parcel in the last picture is actually my first hand bound sketchbook made up from scrap gelli pages, old cannibalised sketchbook pages, bits of scrap hemp (I was going for a Dana Wakely sketchbook vibe) And the cover is indeed an Amazon cardboard sleeve stitched to the pages. It's rustic but sturdy. My summer project for uni is about sustainability in your local area and part of it is to create a research journal in a handmade sketchbook. Soooo. Voila. Not sure if they meant it to be *quite* this shabby chic but hey ho - bookmaker I ain't!

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What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday WOYWW 478

Hello fellow desk raiders. I come to you today with a disaster zone of a work space. I haven't actually been out there for a couple of days - to hot. This is how I left it - what a disgrace! Those pens usually live in the plastic box to the side there. The teabags are my canvas of choice at the moment - I am loving working so small... and I get through so many a day anyway, it feels good to put them to some use. Counts as recycling surely.
Whoopidooings: What's On My Workdesk Wednesday
Teeny tiny zombie illustrations - they make me happy!
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing Mixed Media Zombie Illustrations on Teabags
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